The Lenz’ View – February 2020

Answers to Prayer

I realize that our last update was sent in November. We want to thank you for your continued prayers for our family while we’re on our home assignment. Many have asked about Daniel and his vision therapy. Daniel’s vision therapy has been going very well and he is making notable progress. I believe he only has about 9 sessions left to complete. I know he’ll be glad to have that behind him. Thank you for praying for Daniel in this way.
Another prayer request we have shared is in regards to the housing situation for Michael as he will be attending our mission’s boarding school at our field headquarters in Papua New Guinea. God has answered that prayer through the provision of dorm parents for this coming school year. Michael will be staying at the dorm for 8-week terms and then, at the completion of each term, he will have a time with us before starting the next term. We are thankful that the school year is broken up in this way so that we can have time together throughout the year.
A current prayer request is that we are starting to look for plane tickets for our return to PNG this coming June. Please be praying with us that God will provide reasonable fares for our family to get back and for the provision of the finances for those tickets.

A Time to Rest

Last week we were blessed beyond measure by Quiet Place Ministries, who provided our family with a 5-day retreat over the kids’ mid-winter school break. This was a great time of spiritual and emotional refreshment and it provided a great time to rest and re-connect as a family. This has been the first time on our home assignment that we have not had to share our room with our 4-year old. It was wonderful to have time just for our family and to be able to spend some one-on-one time with each one of the kids throughout the 5 days.
Quiet Place Ministries purpose is to “provide retreats for individuals, married couples, and families serving in Christian ministry.  At no charge, pastors, missionaries, and others can enjoy a time of renewal, relaxation, and refreshment.” They are a very small organization which provide for those in full-time ministry in a BIG way! We would encourage you to reach out to QPM to see how you might be able to help provide refreshment for those who are serving in full-time ministry.

Long Journey Ahead

We will be leaving tomorrow, Friday, Feb 14, to head to New York, via Canada, to speak at one of our supporting churches. From there we’ll drop down to Pennsylvania for 5 days connecting with some of our supporting pastors at a Church Leader’s Retreat at Ethnos360’s Wayumi campus. This will be an awesome time for these pastors to gain a deeper understanding of what their church is a part of through their partnership with us (and other Ethnos360 missionaries).
This is going to one of our longer journeys in a time of the year when the weather can be quite unpredictable. Please pray for safety in travel over the next week.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We appreciate each one of you!

Your co-workers in Christ,
Levi & Robyn Lenz

Michael, Daniel, Matthew, & Krystiana

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News from the Fields-February 2020

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow

Here are a few of our favorite things

This is right out of Dave’s notes that he will be teaching in class today. These truths about us are our top favorite things that we are so thankful for!

Justification: Christ’s “right-ness” applied to me.
Reconciliation: Brought back to original love.
Propitiation: Satisfaction with the performance of His Son.
Regeneration: New Creation – God is not working from the old.

My #1 favorite is my man! First of all, he is the best husband in the world and a very active and present dad in the lives of our 2 young men. He’s been juggling teaching the students 2 hours everyday, plus being a student at seminary and keeping up with his homework there! He still enjoys having students in for great conversations and fun events. Plus he is finding time to paint the place we will be moving into next month. Plus Plus…I have everything to be thankful for in this man of mine!

Here are a couple of my favorite things 😀
Reece is eating up being a student here at Bible School. He is growing like crazy and rooting His trust deep in the Lord. He loves taking guys out for coffee and using his gifts of listening and counseling.

Clark Is also turning into a man who knows who his guide and best friend is. He recently shared his testimony in front of his youth group of 150 high schoolers and was thrilled watching the Lord walk him through that important step of faith.

The students are also on our favorites list! Like the student I will be having coffee with this afternoon, or the student Dave is meeting with this afternoon. Also like the group who is coming over for game night tonight or the group we are going bowling with this weekend. We are among 200 of our favorite things and we are truly blessed.

And YOU!!!

Your prayers, your support, your encouragement… All mean the world to us! It takes a team for us to be here, and you are our dream team! Thank you, thank you, for your part in allowing us to serve here in the lives of these Bible School students!!

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field







New from Tom & Leslie Johnson – Nov/Dec 2019

Tom’s Report on the Indonesia Trip
I spent November 6 to 14 in Indonesia for the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance as one of 800 delegates representing 650 million Christians whose churches belong to the WEA.  A few thousand people from the local churches joined us for the opening ceremony. In addition to speaking at a workshop, I had numerous meetings with individuals and time with the staff of our department whom I do not see very often. My academic assistant, Kyle Wisdom, was a tremendous help.

What to do in response to persecution and opposition was a theme in many meetings; next steps are being planned.  I am especially grateful for the time I had with the Vatican bureau chief for evangelical relations who attended as an official observer. He and I began to identify topics to discuss when I next visit their offices in Rome. My speech should be published soon by the WEA Theological Commission in the Evangelical Review of Theology. A preliminary version is available here

While in Indonesia I also coordinated a team of Christian scholars who met with a team from the Humanitarian Islam movement, which has its offices in Jakarta. This is the world’s largest Muslim organization, representing some 90 million people. We had a very friendly meeting, lasting a good part of a day. An Indonesian cabinet minister who is a Christian joined us for dinner. There should be more to report on this relationship. I am preparing a study on the distinctives of this type of Islam.

I was exhausted when I got home, but I am thankful to you and to God for these opportunities. Such work would not be possible without a faithful group of people praying, encouraging, and giving. Now I am considering how to follow up on these meetings. Pray for God’s wisdom.
Thank you for the prayer and financial support that make our work possible.

  Tom prior to speaking…

Delegates to the WEA Assembly

Leslie’s December Notes

Financial Update
Thank you for the encouraging donations in the last few weeks! We are optimistic about getting caught up by the end of the year. It is on our hearts to continue our efforts for several years. To do that we continue to need a loyal and generous team behind us.

Tom’s health
Tom survived Indonesia and the change of food. However, he did need to start taking meds while there to calm his system. We are thanking the Lord for the effectiveness of the meds and his relatively good journey.

I am working on developing a fourth workshop for my “Teaching with Cultural Intelligence” series. Please join me in praying for wisdom in the content. I would like to help teachers work with different cultures in their classrooms well.

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and with finances! We cannot do what the Lord has called us to do without your help.

Materials To Download

The Department for Theological Concerns of the World Evangelical Alliance has released the 10th edition of our resource CD online. It contains both major WEA book series (Global Issues and World of Theology), our International Journal for Religious Freedom, back issues of the Evangelical Review of Theology, our Journal of Islam and Christianity, along with hundreds of other books in English, French, Spanish and several languages, all of which we recommend, all as free downloads. I have participated in this project for about 15 years. For our library click here (overview) or here.

My book Christian Ethics in Secular Cultures was just published in Albanian, available for free here.

Two recent books I revised and edited in English for German friends, as free downloads:

  1. Modern Fathers: Neither Wimps nor Tyrants.
  2. Corruption: When Self-Interest Comes before the Common Good.

Click HERE for the link to get to Tom’s academic website.

Click HERE for the link to get to Leslie’s website and blog.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.
Psalm 23:1-3

Join us in thanking the Lord for:

  • Tom’s safe trip to and from Indonesia.
  • Leslie’s safe trip to and from Panama.
  • Tom’s opportunity to meet with different people while in Jakarta.
  • Tom’s good meetings with the Humanitarian Muslims.
  • Good health for Tom throughout this important trip, especially that his food allergies were managed in all the different times of meals.


Please join us in praying for:

  • Continued wisdom for Tom as he (on behalf of the WEA) engages the world’s largest Muslim group about religious freedom. What are the next steps?
  • Wise next steps for WEA-Vatican relations.
  • The project Komensky 2020, celebrating the Christian life and teaching of Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius), has launched in public schools, libraries, and churches across the Czech Republic. Our project leader, Doc Dr. Jan Habl, received a presidential medal from his university for this effort. Here is a Czech website with pictures of teachers participating:
  • Creative ideas to help persecuted Christians around the world.
Thank you for your faithful prayer for us as well as your financial gifts that allow us to do the work He has called us to

CareNet of Wayne Co. NY – January 2020

There are well over 1,000 baby bottles at churches around Wayne County and beyond. Did you get yours yet? 

Did you know we offer Free ultrasounds every Wednesday?
Do you know a little person that needs warm outdoor gear? We have tons of hats and some jammies too.

Grace Covenant Ministries – Jake Moss – Jan/Feb 2020

Dear Prayer Warrior,

With the new year upon us we look ahead and anticipate challenges that are appearing on the horizon.  Society seems to be constantly changing.  The task of how to present the unchanging story of God’s love to His creation continues to be our mission.

Here are some of the challenges.  We ask for your prayers as we seek to remain in the center of the work that God is blessing.

  1. Because of a variety of competing programs in youth basketball, we are looking for different options on how to engage with young students.
  2. In February, Lincoln Oaks, the faith-based addiction recovery program operating on our campus will be changing from a men’s treatment program to a women’s program.
  3. Hacker Gym, which was built in 1930, is a place of constant activities.  Over the past 15 years, the gym has undergone a series of improvements.  This year we hope to finish the community fitness center phase of the project.  We are now seeking the finances to install gutters to the facility and to replace one of the old heating systems.
  4. The summer camp season has been one of the highlights of our endeavors each year.  The plans for this year are now being finalized.
  5. Funding is always a challenge.  Getting funds for special projects and our operational needs continues to be an ongoing task.  We face the future with confidence because we have seen how God has blessed us through your prayers and financial gifts. It is our desire to be faithful stewards of His blessings.
  6. Our Board of Directors will be meeting on February 15.  They will be prioritizing projects and approving plans for this year.  We are reminded of the fact that we can make plans but if God is not in them all our planning is useless.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Your partner in missions,

Jake Moss

Director of Development

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries


News for the Kraybills – January 2020

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings from very warm Florida where we have been having record weather in the 80s this week.  We started the new year with a bang as we moved to another duplex within the AIM retirement community, 3rd time since we have been in the States.  We are thankful for the larger and lighter house that we are currently at!

We would appreciate your prayers as we fly out today on a month-long trip to 3 African countries.

North Africa:  Rod will be facilitating training on interpersonal skill, what healthy conflict looks like, and a life coaching skills workshop.  We will also be spending time visiting and encouraging several families that work in NA.  We will also be joining Lori’s co-workers on a working group tour for the travel company that she works for.  Pray that we would be an encouragement to the workers that we spend time with.  Pray that the training that is being offered will be helpful to further kingdom work in this country.

Senegal:  We will be in Dakar, Senegal from Feb 4-7.  Pray for good connections with leaders over these few days along with continual wisdom and direction as we seek God on His timing for us to go live and serve in Senegal.   Pray for Lori as she returns to Florida after our time in Senegal.   

Kenya:  Rod will continue to Kenya to be involved in the AIM leadership meetings that he has helped organize.  There will be leaders from all over Africa attendingPray that the leadership training happening that week, would be beneficial and strategic   Pray for openness and unity as the AIM leaders grow and move forward together.   

Pray that we would be salt and light and an encouragement to those that we interact with this next month.  Pray for safety as we travel and hopefully some rest along the way.

Praise for Alanna – she was able to find a place to live and has moved in with 2 other young women, PTL!  Pray for the 3 of them as they get to know and learn to live with each other.

Pray for Autumn and Anissa as they are in their 2nd week of their spring semester at college.  Pray that they would continue to work hard and adjust to not having roommates this semester. 

From the Islands: Please pray for an extended family of three believing sisters who are undergoing a lot of attack right now. On the same day that one of the sister’s daughters had a second attack from an evil spirit, another of the sister’s and her daughter were hospitalized after they both suddenly got very sick. The next day the other sister and a niece also got sick. It has come to light that there is also some kind of demonic presence ‘living’ in one of their houses – maybe through her non-believing husband? Right now, it looks like the enemy has the upper hand, but we know that God is greater! Please pray with us that all these attacks would only serve to push the whole family into Jesus’ hands. 

We appreciate your prayers and partnership in His work!

Rod & Lori

News from the Fields – January 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

A new semester starts today!

Take a look at our guest speakers for opening day!

Colton and Shawna Williams are our guest speakers!

They were in the first class we met when we arrived on staff here 10 years ago!

Now they are missionaries in a tribe in Papua New Guinea where they have learned the language and are teaching and raising leaders in a brand new baby church!


We love it when our students return to shed a spotlight on the Lord and what He is doing through them!

Colton & Shawna are sharing with the students how much of their time has been difficult, yet they remind us how God is continually faithful and worth it in every way.

Thank you for partnering with us, for the Coltons and Shawnas sitting in the classrooms today.

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

Where Bible & Missions are one


“Starting Point” Group Begins January 26

Description: A discussion oriented class for those who are skeptical or curious about Christ. If you are connecting with God for the first time, or if you are reconnecting with God after being away from the church for a while, then Starting Point is for you. Starting Point is a relaxed and informal gathering on Sunday mornings for you to connect with others who are at the same stage in their journey. We invite you to join us as we watch video teaching, eat some snacks, and discuss questions about the Christian faith.

Leaders: Mike McOrmond & Tammy McOrmond

Gender: Co-Ed

Marital Status: Married and Singles

Age Range: 13 Years and Older

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Day: Sunday

Frequency: 8 Week Cycles

Childcare: Nursery & Children’s Sunday School Classes

Location: 1st Floor Classroom in Education Building @ Second Reformed Church of Marion