“Starting Point” Begins Sunday, September 29

Description: A discussion oriented class for those who are skeptical or curious about Christ. If you are connecting with God for the first time, or if you are reconnecting with God after being away from the church for a while, then Starting Point is for you. Starting Point is a relaxed and informal gathering on Sunday mornings for you to connect with others who are at the same stage in their journey. We invite you to join us as we watch video teaching, eat some snacks, and discuss questions about the Christian faith.

Leaders: Mike McOrmond & Tammy McOrmond

Gender: Co-Ed

Marital Status: Married and Singles

Age Range: 13 Years and Older

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Day: Sunday

Frequency: 8 Week Cycles

Childcare: Nursery & Children’s Sunday School Classes

Location: 1st Floor Classroom in Education Building @ Second Reformed Church of Marion

The Lenzes View – September 2019

For Such A Time As This

We want to thank you for praying for the boys as they transition into school. This year Daniel’s class motto is, “For such a time as this.” How fitting. We decided to come home this year in order to help minimize Michael’s transitions between schools, etc. However, God is showing us that he had different plans for why he has brought us home at this time. Back in Papua New Guinea we had the blessing of being able to have Daniel spend some time with an occupational therapist in order to give us some guidance as to how we can help him with some of his learning difficulties. The therapist gave us some direction and areas to pursue further testing; specifically in relation to vision. Long story short, there are currently very few doctors in the US who can test and diagnose this particular thing and one of them happens to be about 20 minutes from where we are living. She happened to have an cancellation in her schedule where she was able to take Daniel on as a patient. This doctor’s initial consultation showed that Daniel’s needs were outside her area of expertise and she referred him to an ophthalmologist who also specializes in vision therapy.

After seeing three different doctors, it has been determined that Daniel has significant motor and visual processing deficits diagnosed as convergence insufficiency. Through this process we have come to understand that vision is more than how clearly we can see. It is the ability to take what we see and put it to use. (How the eye communicates what it sees to the brain. Daniel has excellent sight, but these vision deficits he deals with affect how things appear on a page, cause him physical pain in reading, and thus affect his learning. The vision therapist who has seen him has prescribed 40 hours of in-office vision therapy to be supplemented by 2-3 days a week of in-home therapy. They believe that this therapy done now, while he is young, will help to correct these issues with the muscles in his eye and will help him to improve in the areas where he struggles academically as a result of these visual problems. While the process of doctors appointments hasn’t been fun for Daniel, he has been greatly encouraged to know that his academic struggles have nothing to do with his intelligence.

Praise God with us for his timing in orchestrating things so that Daniel can get the help he needs. Pray that our insurance will cover the cost of the needed therapy (approximately $4,000). We’ve had some initial conversations with the insurance company and it isn’t looking hopeful for them to cover the expenses, but we trust God has worked everything out so far and will be faithful to do so to the end.

Thank you for praying with us.

Levi and Robyn Lenz

Daniel’s first cross country meet

The Bible League International – September 2019



One recent afternoon in a village in southeast Albania, near the border with Greece, 21 children and youth gathered at a local church for a Project Philip Bible study.

The boys and girls sat in a wide circle of plastic chairs. One of the children listening with rapt attention was 10-year-old Matteo. Like many kids, he enjoys soccer and hopes to play professionally one day. But he has another big dream. He wants to “serve the Lord and to serve in the church.”

Matteo loves going to church and studying God’s Word through this children’s Bible study. “The booklets are helping us to grow in the Word of God,” he says with a smile. “The most important thing I learned is that we should pray only to Jesus. He is the only real God.” Because of the support of friends like you, Matteo now has a Bible of his own, which he enjoys reading often at home.

A Life Worth Living

His Pain Only Grew

He recalls, “The older I became, the more issues I had.” For 14 years, he drank heavily, spent time with women who weren’t his wife, and fought so much with his family that they wanted him out of the house.

He says sadly, “As time passed, the conflicts just increased, the pain only grew bigger, and my addiction destroyed me. My life was not worth living anymore.” But his life changed when his son asked him to help make a cheese delivery to his pastor’s house. When they arrived, the pastor invited Santos to join him in a Project Philip Bible study. He explains, “It was at that moment in the pastor’s house that I met the Lord Jesus and gave my life to Him.”

Living a Miracle

Following his commitment to Christ, Santos began studying the Bible like a curious and hungry child. He notes, “After years of drunkenness and addictions, I started to live my life with more discipline and a desire to comprehend God’s Word.” As he studied God’s Word, he learned that he had the opportunity to live differently now. He asked his family to forgive him for the years of suffering and abuse. Recently, one of his children said, “Miracles are real,” when referencing Santos’ transformation.

Today, he is focused on planting churches and is an active Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader). Santos says, “I lead a few Bible study groups to help people understand what a new life in Christ means. Thank you for helping me to learn about Christ and for providing me materials so that I can teach others.”


Finding a True Relationship

The oldest of eight siblings, Ciella and her family regularly attended a church that often mixed Christianity with sorcery, so she did not feel safe there. Her parents allowed her to visit other churches, and she eventually found a church home, but something was missing. Ciella did not have a true relationship with God.

Turning Point

Earlier this year, Ciella signed up for a Project Philip Bible study at her school. “These lessons helped me to see and understand many things that I had ignored before,” she says. “I understand that Jesus died on the cross to set us free from our sins, and we can enter into a relationship with God our Creator through Jesus.”

Lesson after lesson, Ciella learned more about a relationship with God. Soon after she started the study, she gave her life to Christ and found the personal relationship promised in the Word of God. “l made the greatest decision to surrender my life to Jesus. Now, after going through the lessons, I know that God is near me and has changed my life,” she says.

Committed to Christ

At the end of the study, Ciella received her Bible, which she promises to read every day. She has committed her life to sharing all she has learned with others. “I thank God for helping me to follow the Project Philip program and am grateful for Bible League International,” she says. “The program helped me, and I hope that it can help others and bring them into a relationship with God. Thank you very much!”

Share God’s Word When You Shop at Christian Book Distributors!

Christian Book Distributors partners with us to donate 5-10% of your total purchase back to Bible League International.

Whether shopping for Bibles, study materials, or gifts for loved ones, check out the Christian Book Distributors’ Bible League Store Front to make your purchase!


Prayer Requests

Please pray for a children’s ministry in a village in central Albania’s Tirana County, where about 100 kids are using Project Philip Bible studies. Pray, too, that parents will be reached with the Gospel of Christ through their children.

Praise the Lord for the nearly 2,000 people in Ethiopia who received Bibles of their own after completing Project Philip Bible studies. May the hope of the Gospel be evident in their lives as they share God’s love in their communities.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.

Ethnos 360 – The Fields’ – September 2019

We joined 30 students on a trip to

Missions training center in Canada!

This past summer the students at the missionary training center lived for a month in a house each family built out of plastic, poles, twine and lots of duct tape!!

There was a forest full of 15 beautiful plastic homes!!

They were learning how difficult life off the grid might be when they are missionaries overseas.

This past weekend we got to join 30 of our Bible school students to take a road trip to the “jungle camp”!

The students at the jungle camp gave our students 2 days of classes around the fire on God’s heart for those who have never heard the gospel.

They impacted our students on what our job as Christians should be!

Hearts were listening and open to be used by the Lord…in whatever way He asked.

We are only praising the Lord!!
Dave & Kim Field

Ethnos 360 – The Fields’ August 2019

What is our family celebrating?

Our 10th anniversary!

We continually thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him here at Bible School. The beautiful God-loving students we get to live among amaze us every single year. We pray for many more years to get to continue this life God has given us.

What has happened just this week?
Student leadership camping trip!

We got to spend 5 days with the student room leaders and enjoy the beauty of creation together. There were around 120 of us in tents/hammoks and we got to eat great food swim, sing, hike, share, have wonderful conversations, and bond together. It was super special because our son Reece was one of the student leaders! Clark, who is 16 enjoys the many brothers he has surrounding him too. It was absolutely fantastic!


3 Days until the semester begins!!!

Please pray for the 100 Freshmen who are driving here right now. Please also pray for the upper classmen as they do a beautiful job of very warmly welcoming all the newcomers. This is going to be a year of growth and maturity and stretching and faith building for all of us!

Thank you so very much for praying for us!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

Fields – July 2019

Opportunity is found in changes…

Our year of transitions!!

Transition #1  Maybe you didn’t know this, but there is a 2nd Ethnos360 Bible School just like ours, but in Michigan. Our mission has decided to close that school, and our school will now take all the students. Since we will have a larger enrollment here now, our family has been asked to move from our apartment to a different home here on campus. They need our current apartment for their expansion plans. They don’t need our place till January, so we have a few months to keep enjoying our home.

Transition #2 This year Clark transitioned from home school, to online high school, which was a very positive transition! It is a perfect fit and Clark blasted the year out of the park with A’s! We have also seen him transition to closer relationships with the students as he keeps getting closer to their age.  He will soon begin his Junior year and starting a job as well! Clark is maturing into a humble, Godly young man!

Transition #3 This year Reece left home to move into the dorm here at Bible School. He has absolutely thrived and enjoyed a wonderful first year in every way! We watch in thankfulness as God stretches and grows him and uses him to bless everyone around him. However, there is the normal transition for each of us as he isn’t a part of our daily life like we are used to.

Transition #4 Reece has a girlfriend!! Her name is Rachel Lane, and we sure have enjoyed getting to know her during her 2 years as a student! She will work in the dining hall as an intern this next year, so we look forward to all the wonderful adventures we will get to enjoy with her this next year. Rachel is pure blessing!!

Dave & I have our 23rd Anniversary tomorrow!!! God has blessed us with so many amazing years of adventures, joys, blessings and transitions! This year our big transitions have been about our sons growing up and living the lives the Lord has prepared them for. It is exciting to see them fly, yet a little sad too as all of you parents with grown kids understand.

Transitions mean adjustments…please pray for each of us as we adjust and watch God so amazingly take care of each of our needs.

Thank you for your prayers for us …. God has great plans for this next year!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field