Preps for Spaghetti Dinner to Support Buckles Family

Annalise Allman is hosting a benefit dinner for Mackenzie, Kyle, and Hudson Buckles as part of her National Honor Society project. You can support her effort by either providing a product as listed on or simply coming to partake in the meal eat in or take out meal. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EVENT IS 11/22, BUT ITEMS NEED TO BE PROVIDED BY 11/17. Click on link for details on arrangements.

Open Door Mission – Rochester, NY October 2019

October News & Updates

Thank you for taking the time to read our monthly e-newsletter that communicates Mission news, updates, prayer requests, needs, events and success stories.


Program Spotlight

“The real breakthrough came when I realized I didn’t care if I lived or died.”

Read Chuck’s story of restoration and new hope.

Congratulations to (left to right) Moses, Jim, Bill and Chuck who all celebrated with a graduation ceremony their completion of the Christian Life (Addiction) Recovery Program. We are so proud of these men who are now on the path of a much brighter future. 


Volunteer Service Opportunities

If you’ve never volunteered to serve at the Mission first thing to do is visit our website and register as an individual or group. We’ll be sure to follow up when we receive your inquiry.

If you’re looking for a group project at your church or school consider collecting personal hygiene items and putting them in a zip lock bag as kits for us to distribute at our shelter.

Travel size contents include shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shaving cream and bar soap.

Current Needs List

Going shopping this week? Please take a look at our current needs list and consider buying a few items from our Amazon


If you’re shopping for yourself then please consider shopping at where a percentage of your purchasing dollars go to support the Mission.

What to Pray for

  1. Pray for the salvation and restoration of all those we serve with emergency shelter, food, clothes, addiction recovery, transitional housing, life skills and job readiness programs.
  2. Pray for peace and health to all of our staff and their families.
  3. Pray for the new families that just came into the Coldwater House and for those who recently moved out into their own permanent housing.
  4. Pray for continued success for the men who recently graduated from our addiction recovery program and for those just entering the program.
  5. Pray for the necessary resources to maintain our daily expenses.





Grace Covenant Ministries – October 2019

Dear Prayer Warrior,

Attached you will find the October edition of the Prayer Warrior to this email.  Thanks again for your prayers and sharing our good news with others.

If you have questions or desire more information, please contact us.

Your partner in missions,

Jake Moss

Director of Development

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries

Cell Phone # 712-360-5249


Prayer Warrior for Oct 2019

The Kraybills – October 2019

Dear Friends,

Hope you are enjoying your pumpkin spice latte as we sip our iced coffee in Florida’s high 80-degree temps.  We wanted to share about what we have been up to recently.  Last month we had the opportunity to visit one of our supporting churches and church family in Illinois.  Returning to this community felt like coming home as this church is where Lori went to youth group, we were married almost 26 years ago, and we started our family here.  We were encouraged by our time with friends, church fellowship, and sharing in several small groups.

We enjoy the opportunity to talk about how God is working in Africa and with Africans around the world, and our part in this process.  Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are a big part of who AIM is working with.  We were able to share a clip explaining what UPGs are and what our part as a church is in reaching them.  Pray for more workers to reach out to UPGs around the world.  Click on this link if you would like to understand more about UPG’s:

We have spent a lot of time praying about what next steps God has for us after this season in the States.  During this time of seeking God, we received an email from our AIM leaders asking if we would consider a new ministry in West Africa.  After survey trips, lots of prayers and invitation from local churches, AIM feels called to work alongside local ministries in reaching UPGs in 4 French speaking, Muslim, West African countries:  Mali, Niger, Guinea and Senegal.  Of those 4 countries, we feel God specifically leading us towards Senegal. Our work there will be to lay the foundation for AIM ministry by developing partnerships with local churches and mission agencies.  Please pray for wisdom about the timing of when we should go to Senegal.  We will be going to Morocco in January for work and have a small timeframe where we can spend a few days in Senegal.  Pray that during this time we would have clarity and confirmation that this is the Lord’s leading.

Praise & Prayer:

-Rod and Lori were able to be trained in Debriefing last month.  Pray that this training would allow us to help missionaries be able to process their stories in a safe place to bring new understanding and clarity.

-Alanna has now been living and working in AIM’s US office in Peachtree City, Georgia for over 3 months.  She is enjoying her role as Third Culture Kids coordinator and has recently developed a web-based resource to help missionary parents with their kids.  Pray that Alanna would continue to build friendships and find a place to live in the next month.

Autumn continues to work very hard in her senior year of college.  She will be getting her 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed during her fall break this next week.  Pray that this procedure would go well and that she would have a quick recovery before she returns to college.

-Anissa has now been at college for 6 weeks and is doing great.  She loves the Occupational Therapy program and is working hard at her classes.  She is in an apartment with 2 non-Christian girls which allows her to be a light to them and have some good conversations.  Pray that she would keep working hard, be motivated for her classes, and have wisdom in relationships.

We are so thankful for you and your partnership with us!

Rod & Lori

P.S. Family photo was taken at our niece’s wedding in August.

The Fields – Ethnos 360

Clark got baptized!

We are so blessed that our sons are walking with the Lord!

Thank you for praying for our family as we serve here at Bible School!

Today could you please pray for Dave as he starts teaching a brand new class for him. It’s Daniel & Revelation. Please pray as he wraps up his hard studying and teaches it to the class in a clear, understandable and interesting way.

Thank you for your prayers,
Dave , Kim, Reece and Clark Field



The Bible League – October 2019

For the children at Danville Primary School in South Africa, a Bible is a luxury item. Many of the students come from impoverished areas, and most families don’t go to church. For some of these students, their only meal is at school.

“How can a child’s parents afford a Bible when they can’t even put food on their table?” asks Mrs. Schwarz, one of the teachers.

But now, these kids have the opportunity to own their own Bibles and study the Word using Project Philip Bible studies. Since April, a local pastor has been holding Bible studies in the school and while the teachers had reservations, they have noticed a welcomed change in students’ behavior.

“They are learning to respect the grownups,” Mrs. Schwarz says. “They think, ‘If I can’t respect the human beings standing in front of us, how can I respect the Lord?’ Their way of doing things totally changed, not only behavioral but also in their knowledge.” This change is spilling into their home life, where parents are starting to read the Bible to find the goodness of God that their children have found.

Latest News

A Difficult Life

Renu was raised in a Buddhist family in Thailand. She regarded herself as a kind person, but her life was full of hardships. “Karma seems to have betrayed me,” she says.

Her parents divorced and because Renu was the oldest sibling, it became her responsibility to care for her mother and siblings, including taking on the financial burden of her brother’s education.

Even though she worked hard to take care of her family, Renu’s relationship with her mother was cold and broken.

“My mother disliked me as long as I can remember,” she says. “Everything that I did was wrong for her and she would always complain that I was no good. She never had a peaceful moment with me.”

Renu struggled with her difficult relationship with her mother and visited a Buddhist priest for help. “I spent a lot of money trying to bring peace and reconciliation between both of us through their mantras and charms, but nothing changed.”

Finding Change

A friend of Renu’s invited her to church and told her that God could help her situation. When she arrived, she was skeptical and unimpressed, but agreed to meet with the pastor.

“I did not understand everything that he said, but I was desperate and wanted to be released from the situation, so I opened my heart to accept Jesus Christ,” she says.

Weeks later, she hosted a prayer group at her home. She had kept her new life a secret from her unbelieving husband, so when he walked in on the prayer group, she was shocked when he accepted Christ on the spot. Renu eventually shared the Gospel with her mother.

“By God’s grace, my mother accepted Jesus Christ, too,” she says. “Our relationship has become much better. Praise the Lord!”

Renu and her husband were trained as Project Philip Bible study leaders and helped share the Gospel in 12 villages in their area. She currently ministers to multiple families and hopes to build a church in the future.

“Thank God for the new life,” she says. “No amount of meditation or medication has provided what Jesus has done for me. I am so peaceful and joyful now.”

Sharing the Gospel from Country to Country

“I was losing faith at that moment.”

Johane grew up attending church with her mother in Port-au-Prince and knew from an early age that she wanted to serve the Lord. But the road was far from easy. Following a devastating earthquake in 2010, she lost her job in telecommunications.

Her family tried to open their own business, but the struggles were just too much to continue. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with 60% of the population living in poverty. Johane and her family were quickly becoming part of that percentage. They decided to leave their home and try for a better life in the United States.

“I prayed to God amid those circumstances. I told Him, ‘If you help me, I will preach for you, I will talk to people for you,’” she says.

The family moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, six years ago. The area has a large Haitian and West African immigrant population. They lived in the basement of a friend’s home and searched tirelessly for jobs. The chaos of trying to survive took a toll on Johane’s evangelism work.

“Here in the U.S., in the middle of all the struggle, my son had a dream. He dreamt that God told him He was going to give us a house,” she says. “Honestly, I was losing faith at that moment.”

The Turnaround

Not long after her son’s dream, Johane’s husband got a job. The family moved into an apartment, then eventually a house. Overwhelmed with joy by the providence of God, Johane was reminded of the promise she made.

“After we moved into our house, I had a dream. I was before God, on my knees, asking Him for forgiveness and a second chance,” she recalls. “I remembered my prayers back in Haiti when I promised I would serve Him. After all these blessings, I knew I could not only serve Him, but my job from that time on would be to spread the Good News.”

Double Degree

Johane is a trained Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader) in both Haiti and the United States. She was ministering in Haiti when she moved, and after settling in the U.S., she searched for two years for ministry resources. As a last-ditch effort, she prayed asking for resources specifically from Bible League International.

“One night, my pastor gave me a brochure promoting a Bible League International training in a church nearby. When I saw that, I was screaming, I was so excited,” she says. “I led seven people to Christ from my community when I worked with Project Philip in Haiti!”

Serving in the U.S.

Johane has since shared the resources with her church leadership and members of her church, who are primarily Haitian immigrants. “The program made a massive difference in our church. Now, there is a fire burning in my pastor’s heart for evangelism and discipleship,” she says.


Sermon Sneak Peek 10/6/2019 – Jesus expounds His Kingdom’s Law/Standard of Righteousness

Matthew 5:21-30


I Timothy 5:1-2

Questions for Study: Matthew 5:21-30 comes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Have you ever read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in its entirety?
To whom was the Sermon on the Mount addressed? Everyone? Christians who have a personal relationship with Christ? See Matthew 5:1. Continue reading “Sermon Sneak Peek 10/6/2019 – Jesus expounds His Kingdom’s Law/Standard of Righteousness”