Grace Covenant Ministries – June 2021

Update from Grace Covenant Ministries

June 2021

Blessed to be a blessing. Serving our risen Savior and Lord is a blessing. We were blessed to host a community Easter Egg Hunt. Some of the activities had to be held inside the gym because of rain.  However, the smiles of the children brightened our day. A local pastor shared the story of Easter and talked about the love of God, which is the best blessing of all.

Rain forced some activities inside.


Easter Egg Hunt

The meaning of Easter explained

Paul Smith, a retired professor from Auburn University, who has spent several years on the mission field, led some classes on bird identification. How blessed we are to be able to enjoy the work of our Creator, who has made a vast variety of creatures for us to enjoy.

Looking at the beauty of God’s creation

Learning to identify some of God’s creatures


Throughout our history, we have been blessed to receive financial gifts from churches and individuals.  Your support has helped us share the love of our Creator and Lord with those we have been called to serve in Appalachia. Some of you have asked how you can support our efforts through gifts of property, corporate shares, IRA distributions, and crop shares. We urge you to talk to your financial/tax advisor. If you have general questions, you can contact Jake Moss at 712-360-5249.  To those give online, you can use the link below.

Thank you!


RCA Global Mission does not receive denominational assessments or covenant shares. We depend on the faithful generosity of churches and individuals.

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Grace Covenant Ministries – February 2021

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries

PO Box 340, Annville, KY 40402


February 16, 2021

Dear Prayer Warrior,

We are indeed grateful for your willingness to partner with us in our ministry efforts.   Your partnership is helping us to share the great news of God’s love with those we have been called to serve here in Appalachia.

We are about to complete one year of the Covid virus being with us.  And we are still trying to figure out what the “new normal” will be.  A basketball program for our youngest students has started and parents are requesting a program for older students.  School calendar changes along with state guidelines are complicating scheduling.

At the end of this month, we are planning to welcome our first volunteer group of the year.  The new community fitness center is almost ready to be opened with guidelines for its use being finalized.  The summer camp schedule is being prepared.   Yes, we are making a lot of plans, but we remember what we read in Proverbs 16:9.  “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” (NIV)   It is our prayer that our efforts will be in the center of the work that God is blessin

Thank you for joining with us, as we strive to make a difference one opportunity at a time by sharing the love of our Savior.  Your prayer support is greatly appreciated.


Tommy                                                                                               Jake

Tommy Miracle                                                                               Jacob “Jake” L. Moss

Manager of Campus Operations                                                Director of Development

Grace Covenant Ministries – October 2020

Grace Covenant Ministries/Annville Institute

PO Box 340

Annville, KY  40402

October 21, 2020

Dear Prayer Warrior,


I recently heard of Pandemic Fatigue.  We are tired of hearing about the virus, fretting about the health of our loved ones, waiting for a vaccine, planning for the new normal.  Adding to our apprehension is the contentious election season that is upon us.  Hopefully, the election will be over in a month.  Some of our friends will be happy and some unhappy.  All of us will be disappointed sometime in the future if we place too much hope in politicians, after all they are mere humans – just like us.  We want to share the good news about Jesus, who will not fail us.  He is our Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer.  Thank you for partnering with us as we strive to share the love of Christ with those we have been called to serve.


The effects of the Covid pandemic are becoming more apparent as the months go by.  Historically, the Appalachian region is among the first to feel the effects of an economic slowdown and among the last to enjoy a recovery.  Adding to the affliction is the feeling of loneliness and isolation.  The question of how we can share God’s love during these difficult times is answered by looking for ways to make a difference one opportunity at a time.  The opportunities included helping an elderly lady without family that needed to move to a different residence.  An opportunity did arise to join forces with another faith organization in distributing food boxes.  This past month over 2,000 boxes of food were distributed in Jackson County.  Our thrift stores are also providing a blessing to area residents.


Recently, we received a note stating that “we can never repay or thank you enough for your help to us”.  That thanks goes to you through your partnership with us.   Your prayer support is cherished. You are helping us to make a difference in our community.


Your Partner in Missions,

Jake Moss, Director of Development