Fields – July 2019

Opportunity is found in changes…

Our year of transitions!!

Transition #1  Maybe you didn’t know this, but there is a 2nd Ethnos360 Bible School just like ours, but in Michigan. Our mission has decided to close that school, and our school will now take all the students. Since we will have a larger enrollment here now, our family has been asked to move from our apartment to a different home here on campus. They need our current apartment for their expansion plans. They don’t need our place till January, so we have a few months to keep enjoying our home.

Transition #2 This year Clark transitioned from home school, to online high school, which was a very positive transition! It is a perfect fit and Clark blasted the year out of the park with A’s! We have also seen him transition to closer relationships with the students as he keeps getting closer to their age.  He will soon begin his Junior year and starting a job as well! Clark is maturing into a humble, Godly young man!

Transition #3 This year Reece left home to move into the dorm here at Bible School. He has absolutely thrived and enjoyed a wonderful first year in every way! We watch in thankfulness as God stretches and grows him and uses him to bless everyone around him. However, there is the normal transition for each of us as he isn’t a part of our daily life like we are used to.

Transition #4 Reece has a girlfriend!! Her name is Rachel Lane, and we sure have enjoyed getting to know her during her 2 years as a student! She will work in the dining hall as an intern this next year, so we look forward to all the wonderful adventures we will get to enjoy with her this next year. Rachel is pure blessing!!

Dave & I have our 23rd Anniversary tomorrow!!! God has blessed us with so many amazing years of adventures, joys, blessings and transitions! This year our big transitions have been about our sons growing up and living the lives the Lord has prepared them for. It is exciting to see them fly, yet a little sad too as all of you parents with grown kids understand.

Transitions mean adjustments…please pray for each of us as we adjust and watch God so amazingly take care of each of our needs.

Thank you for your prayers for us …. God has great plans for this next year!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

Kraybill Update – June 2019

Dear family, friends, prayer partners,

I (Alanna) will be writing this month’s support letter! I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and for my family for the past 19 years that we have been with AIM. I personally have felt your prayers and support all these years!

Family updates:

  • We had a dream come true trip out West as a family in May, it was amazing!  The photo below is of us at the Grand Canyon.
  • Rod completed a conflict training for regional leaders as they help teams manage conflict in healthy ways. He also led a COACH training workshop in April to missionaries and mission leaders. Pray for Rod as he prepares for an AIM leadership conference in Kenya next February.
  • Lori continues to enjoy working for the business as missions travel job. Her most recent project is connecting people who are interested in missions to mission organizations. Pray for Lori as she continues to make Florida home.
  • I (Alanna) just accepted a job with Africa Inland Mission as the Third Culture Kid Care Coordinator! I will be moving to Georgia in 2 weeks. Pray that I would quickly find a good community and for a smooth transition.
  • Autumn is working at WinShape (Chick-fil-A) Camps this summer as a Team Leader over the counselors who work with teen girls going into their senior year of high school. Pray for Autumn as she leads the girls in the woods and for rest.
  • Anissa is also working at WinShape Camps as a counselor for 8th and 9th grade girls. Good news–she just got accepted in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Advent Health University in Orlando, Florida! She will start in the beginning of September. Pray that Anissa would know how to handle difficult situations with her girls at camp.

My parents were able to visit one of their supporting churches in Indiana in April as well as one in Pennsylvania in June. They love connecting and encouraging churches to grow in their mission outreach programs.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for my Grandma Rondeau who had a pace maker put in May. Pray that the fluid that has built up around the heart from the operation would go away.
  • Pray for the AIM short-term teams starting this weekend in four different locations in Europe working with Muslim refugees.

We would love to hear from you! Email us back and let us know what you are doing for the summer! Also, if you have any prayer requests, we would love to pray for you!



Schwaderer News – Canary Islands

             Doug Schwaderer Family

Missionaries to the Canary Islands


Skype: 585-687-6226


June 2019

“I the LORD  have called thee in righteousness…To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house” (Is. 42:6-7). These are some of the verses that God used to call me to the Canary Islands over 15 years ago, and it is very interesting that part of the text speaks about the prisoners. God has really been moving in the prison house over here in Tenerife as we have seen nine men receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour!  They are Antonio, Jose, Jordi, Palmero, Manuel, Jose, Jonai, Josue and Juan.  Please pray that they will grow and be strong in the Lord. I was going in once a week but due to increased interest, I thought I would ask the director for another day to minister. I had asked before and was denied, but this time he said yes. So now I am entering the prison on Wednesdays and Fridays. Now that there are more men interested, I will be returning to have “church services” in the prison. Lord-willing, the first one will be in a few weeks. Please pray for more souls to be saved and to be disciples.

The family that was meeting with us for church is moving to Madrid, which leaves us with just our family currently. This seems to be the most difficult aspect of trying to start a church on an island, especially one without good employment opportunities—people coming and going all the time.  I am not discouraged though because God’s grace is sufficient, and I have been witnessing a lot in Guimar, with some opportunities to follow up on several who received the gospel and seem interested. Please pray with me for the following people who have heard the gospel with much attention: Andrea, Wendy, Mari-Elizabet, Aurora, Pedro, Miguel, Alba, and Reyes, among others.

Carolee is keeps busy teaching English part-time, both at home and a few hours at the London School here nearby. She is also taking online classes to finish her degree and help her with future teaching possibilities. Leanna is finishing her junior year of high school.

Rebekah is here for the summer and is helping me evangelize the rest of the high schools. Please continue to pray for these precious souls.

We are so grateful for all of our supporters and prayer partners,

Have a wonderful summer,

The Schwaderers, Canary Islands

VBS 2019 – Athens: Paul’s Dangerous Journey to Share the Truth

Join us in ancient Athens, where we’ll explore what life was like for the Apostle Paul on his dangerous journey to share the truth. You’ll create cool crafts in the Marketplace, laugh as you play Bible-times games, visit with Paul, and have snacks. Plus, you’ll meet lots of fun friends!

Place: Second Reformed Church Dates: July 1, 2, 3 (3 Days)
3757 Mill Street, Marion, NY 14505 Time: 9:00-11:45 a.m.

Please mail 2 Page Form to:
Second Reformed Church
PO Box 32
3757 Mill Street
Marion, N.Y. 14505

Please use ONE Registration Form per EACH child. Thank you!


Gideons International, May 2019

Sharing Hope:
Ministry in Taiwan

Sharing Hope: Ministry in Taiwan

In a country filled with traditional and folk religions that do not point people to Christ, Gideons and Auxiliary in Taiwan have the incredible opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel. It is estimated that Christians make up less than 6% of Taiwan’s population, so the presence of a church building is a welcomed sight for Gideons, as the Church remains a valuable partner for sharing a message about Jesus Christ with communities across Taiwan.


Read more at:

A Portrait of
Faithfulness and Generosity

The Power of Mentorship (Plus Free Mentorship Model Download)

Mentors are the people in our lives who deepen our walks with Jesus, push us to be better, and disciple us in maturity. As Gideons strive side-by-side for the faith of the Gospel, relationships are built including that of mentors pouring into younger members. This story of two Gideons in east Tennessee is just one example of such a relationship.


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Bible League International – May 2019

Geoffrey gets very serious as he shares the circumstances that led him to Christ. “I grew up in a very impoverished area of Zambia known as Chongwe,” he says softly. “Many of the people in my village experienced mysterious deaths due to sorcery and black magic. I am one of eleven children, and seven of my own brothers have been killed because of witchcraft.” Adding to his grief, Geoffrey lost his right leg after a bad car accident, making it extremely difficult for him to continue working as a bricklayer.
“A friend invited me to a Project Philip Bible study at his home, they were all studying the Word of God,” he explains. “Christianity did not exist in my village. The teachings were so powerful, I encountered Jesus that very day!”
Geoffrey became a believer, and says he feels inner peace like he has never known. He wants to be sure other people in his community have the same opportunity.
“Thank you to all the donors that made this possible, it is a great work you do helping to change people’s lives through God’s Word,” he beams. “I am feeling the call of God to become a pastor, so I can share the Gospel with my family and the people of my village.”

Reaching the Rainforest with the Hope of Christ 

Élistine, 38, knows about this firsthand because her own parents continue to practice witchcraft. She explains, “There are two things stifling the Gospel in Madagascar’s rainforest—witchcraft tradition and poor levels of education. We have many people who are eager to participate in Project Philip Bible studies, but they cannot read or write. The Audio Bible is very important for them, but we simply don’t have enough of them.”

Despite these obstacles, lives are being transformed. Élistine says she gets a lot of inspiration at the Project Philip Bible studies she leads. She beams, “I see amazing things happening through Project Philip. Before we start each lesson, the people attending take turns giving a short testimony about what is happening in their lives. They share how the Word of God teaches them new things, and how they are using it in their lives. It is quite remarkable to witness people who don’t read well memorize the Scriptures, verse by verse, so they can take part. We are grateful for your help, and I am grateful to God that I get to witness their faith growing!”

A Former Muslim Finds Faith in Christ   

He decided to make his own way, moving to a Muslim neighborhood. He says he had a dream about Jesus that made him curious. He explains, “I dreamed that Jesus was holding my hand, and telling me that He was the Truth, the Way, and the Life!” Naim began to change the way he thought about Christianity. A few boys his age in his community noticed the change in Naim and beat him very badly. His new interest in Christ would not be deterred, and Naim moved back with his family. He also began attending church with them regularly.

A New Faith and a Prayer

Soon he started going to a Project Philip Bible study for teens. He says, “I will admit that the first session was a bit vague for me, but with the second session, things became clearer. I began to understand the Word of God. I learned to understand it. More than that, I learned to interpret the Scriptures and apply them to my life. This has been very beneficial to me.” Naim is grateful for every person who made it possible for him to attend a Project Philip Bible study. He is now helping others attending the lessons. “Last week, I was the one leading the Bible study group! I did as I was trained to do, to interpret the Scriptures and explain them to others,” he says, beaming.

Prayer Requests

Praise the Lord for the hundreds of children and youth in Zimbabwe who are engaged in God’s Word during their month-long holiday from school. As many graduate from Project Philip Bible studies in the coming weeks, pray that the Word of the Lord will take root in their hearts.

Praise God for the Bible-based Literacy classes taking place in Malaysia. May the Lord provide a special blessing of encouragement for all the teachers and class leaders who are helping men, women, and children learn to read through the Word of God.