Our Core Values

What Are Core Values? They are the unique DNA of our church that makes us uniquely suited to accomplish our mission together. Core values are both who we are AND who we would like to continue to be. They are both descriptive AND aspirational; how we have acted in the past AND more of how we hope to act in the future.

Why Are Core Values Important? The purpose of clearly identifying core values is to generate increased focus and energy around accomplishing the mission together as a congregation.

Core Value 1- “Submitting to Jesus Christ Above All”
Definition- Because Jesus Christ is God and LORD over all, we abandon ourselves to Him in full and loving surrender.
Core Value 2- “Sharing the Life of God”
Definition- Employing all that we are, we share the Christ life in us with those around us, near and far.
Core Value 3- “Equipping for the Lord’s Service”
Definition- Under God, we prepare believers to serve Jesus more passionately and share His life more effectively.