Not “Fake News” (Book of Romans)

Date Speaker Not “Fake News” (Romans) Text
5-May Don White Romans Road Onramp Romans 1:1-17
12-May Don White Missional Moms 2 Timothy 1:1-13
(Mother’s Day) (Dads, Grandparents & Godparents Too)
19-May Don White A Hot Mess Romans 1:18-3:20
26-May Don White “Not Guilty” Romans 3:21-5:21
2-Jun Jim Harden TBD Romans 6:1-8:39
9-Jun Don White Sovereignty & Responsibility Romans 9:1-11:36
16-Jun Mike McOrmond Paul’s Father Heart Romans 1:1-16
(Father’s Day/Graduates)
23-Jun Don White Living Sacrifice Manual Romans 12:1-12:21
30-Jun Mike Sicienski Athens: Paul’s Dangerous Journey Acts 17
(VBS Sunday) to Share the Truth
7-Jul Don White Dual Citizenship Romans 13:1-14
14-Jul Don White Care & Keeping of Consciense Romans 14:1-23
21-Jul Don White Striving Together Romans 15:1-33
28-Jul Don White Father Owned, Family Run Romans 16:1-27

“Ham for Hudson” Dinner (5-7PM, Tuesday, May 7)

Tuesday, May 7th
5:00pm – 7:00pm or Until Gone; Takeout Optional
2nd Reformed Church Education Building, 3757 Mill Street, Marion, NY
Freewill Donations Accepted

Ham, Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Applesauce & Rolls
Water, Coffee, Lemonade
Assorted Desserts

This dinner is to help raise funds in support of Kyle and MacKenzie Buckles as they travel to Boston to welcome their son, Hudson. Hudson will be delivered at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and then he will move to Boston Children’s Heart Center where he will undergo heart surgery as soon as he is born. The family will be staying in the Boston area during his recovery and will need financial support during this journey. You can follow Hudson’s amazing story at

Click here for poster: HamforHudson

“Not A Fan” Sermon Series

Date Speaker Not A Fan Text
10-Mar Don White Not a Fan 1- Fan or Follower? Luke 9:23; John 6:1ff
17-Mar Don White Not a Fan 2- The Open Invitation Luke 9:23
24-Mar Mike McOrmond Not a Fan 3- Choosing Intimacy Luke 7:36-50
31-Mar Don White Not a Fan 4- Comfortable Cross? Luke 9:23; I Corinthians 1:18-31
7-Apr Mike Sicienski Not a Fan 5- More Than Rules John 8:1-11
14-Apr Don White Not a Fan 6- Is Jesus Enough? John 6:22-71

Power Restored So Morning Worship Service is Back On

We apologize for the confusion, but since the power just came back on, we will be having our Sunday morning worship service. We realize that some may have already made alternative arrangements but we will still worship the Lord with whoever can make it.

Worship Service, Sunday School & Refuge Cancelled (2/24/19)

Due to POWER OUTAGE this morning and HIGH WIND WARNING, the leaders of SRC have decided to cancel our morning worship service, Sunday School and Refuge today. Please consider an at home family worship time or attending a service at another church that you have always wanted to visit.

Worship Service, Sunday School & Refuge CANCELLED! (Sunday, January 20)

SRC leaders have just made a prudent decision to cancel all activities at church tomorrow. This includes morning Worship Service, Sunday School, Refuge Youth Group and the Evening Gathering. Hopefully our church members will take some time to privately worship God while being snowed in at our own homes.

Snowstorm and Worship Service?

The leaders of SRC are monitoring the weather forecast and potential impact on our Sunday morning worship service.  We will publicize a decision whether or not to proceed with the Sunday worship service no later than 7:30AM Sunday morning. Stay tuned.

10 Reasons Church Members Don’t Invite Others to Church

SRC Family- From time to time throughout 2019, as your pastor with a focus on church revitalization, I will be sharing resources to encourage and equip us for our work together. Here’s a video and article that will hopefully serve as a reminder for us to “Pray, Invest and Invite” in 2019. Pastor Mike

10 Reasons Church Members Don’t Invite Others to Church

10 Reasons Church Members Don’t Invite Others to Church

  1. “I just don’t think about it.”
  2. “I’m afraid I’ll be rejected.”
  3. “The music isn’t that good.”
  4. “The preaching isn’t strong.”
  5. “We’ve got too many church problems right now.”
  6. “Our church is already too crowded.”
  7. “Nobody ever challenged me to invite anyone.”
  8. “I don’t know how to start the conversation.”
  9. “It’s the Spirit’s job—not mine—to bring people to church.”
  10. “It’s too far for people to come.”

Some highlights from today’s Rainer Report:

  • When you invite someone to church with whom you have a relationship, they often will accept the invitation.
  • Relationships is the number one factor for someone accepting an invitation to visit a church—not the music style.
  • Introversion is no excuse to disobey the Great Commission.
  • When church members invite others to church, it creates a culture of inviting and builds momentum in the church.

“Attributes of God” Sermon Series (begins January 13)

Date Speaker Attributes of God Text
13-Jan Don White Attribute 1- His Holiness Exodus 15:11
20-Jan Don White Attribute 2- His Self-Existence & Self-Sufficiency John 5:26
27-Jan Don White Attribute 3- His Incomprehensibility Deuteronomy 4:12, 15
3-Feb Don White Attribute 4- His Omnipotence Psalm 115:3, Luke 1:37
10-Feb Don White Attribute 5- His Love I John 4:7-12
17-Feb Mike McOrmond Attribute 6- His Wisdom Proverbs 3 & 8
24-Feb Mike Sicienski Attribute 7- His Justice & Mercy
3-Mar Don White Attribute 8- His Immutability Psalm 102:25-28, Hebrews 13:8

FoodLink Food Distribution Volunteers Needed

The United Church of Marion is seeking volunteers to help with organizing & handing out the Foodlink allotments for December, January and February.

Distribution dates are 2nd Tuesdays of month from 2:30 – 5:30 P.M. or whatever time one can give.

If you have any questions or interest, then please contact Johanna Shaff at the church office number of 315-926-5501.