News from the Lenz Family – May 2021

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Have you ever realized how Waiting on the Lord actually involves waiting. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known make some kind of statement to the effect that I’m waiting on God, meanwhile, I try to run ahead of him. My kind of waiting on God can like when we walk with our dog Socks back in Papua New Guinea. Socks will run ahead quite a ways and then turn and look back at us as if to say hurry and catch up with me so I know I’m headed the right direction. Sometimes we will go down a different pathway off the main road and Socks will come tearing back down the road, turn down the path we took, and blast ahead of us. If I’m honest, I’m guilty of waiting on God like this at times.

We’re a year overdue to return to Papua New Guinea and be boots on the ground in the ministry there. We haven’t seen our co-workers in 2 years and they’ll be headed back to their home country for home assignment later this month (Lord willing). One or two of their kids will be left home this time around and we’ll not see them again for quite some time—if ever. We desire to see our friends in the Wahgi church.

As our tentative departure time draws nearer, we are brought to a point where we have to wait on the Lord…and I mean actually wait. I, Levi, have recently been diagnosed with a type of supraventricular tachycardia which also brings along with it its friend atrial fibrillation. The good news is that they found out I do have a heart! On Tuesday, May 18, I will be having a cardiac ablation to try and correct the problem that is causing this. Our doctors in PNG want me to wait until two months after this procedure before attempting to return to PNG. We are praying and hoping that we can get back at the end of July so that our kids can start the school year there with their classmates.

On top of my heart issue, Robyn just recently saw an Ear Nose Throat doctor and found out that she has growths on her vocal cords which leaves her with a weak voice and constant feeling of laryngitis. This has been going on for a couple years and, until recently, we thought it was just allergies. Robyn will be going to a specialist on Wednesday to see what the next steps are for her.

We would appreciate your prayers for these health concerns and that we’d wait on the Lord the way he wants us to, not like Socks.

At His Service and For His Glory,

Levi & Robyn Lenz

Serving the North Wahgi people

of Papua New Guinea

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