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Title: One of the Hardest Hard Providences

Theme: The Lord is God of all comfort.

Text: Psalm 46

I. No matter HOW He answers our prayers, God is still our present & future _________________ & _________________.

A. Psalm 46 confesses a fresh demonstration of that truth.

B. Though our perception be otherwise, our reality is we’re not alone.

II. Faith’s _____________ in us.

A. One preacher believes sermons should end with amen, but therefore.

B. Another implied therefore, v. 10.


Questions for Study

II Kings 19; Isaiah 37-38 give the back story to Psalm 46.

When children are frightened or hurting, what comfort do they most want?  Are we any different?  What does loving parental presence signify for a fearful or hurting child?  How then might one use Psalm 46 to comfort grieving people?

How does our Lord’s incarnation, His becoming Emmanuel, particularly fulfill Psalm 46:1?

How is Jerusalem’s complete inability to rescue herself from an overwhelming enemy a picture of our human condition?

Beyond an underground conduit bringing water within Jerusalem’s walls that Hezekiah had dug, to what might the river whose streams make glad the city of God point?  Hint, John 7:37-39.  This “Stream” comes up again in Revelation 22.

How does Revelation 21 relate to Psalm 46, especially its central truth as found in 46:1?