Not “Fake News” (Book of Romans)

Date Speaker Not “Fake News” (Romans) Text
5-May Don White Romans Road Onramp Romans 1:1-17
12-May Don White Missional Moms 2 Timothy 1:1-13
(Mother’s Day) (Dads, Grandparents & Godparents Too)
19-May Don White A Hot Mess Romans 1:18-3:20
26-May Don White “Not Guilty” Romans 3:21-5:21
2-Jun Jim Harden TBD Romans 6:1-8:39
9-Jun Don White Sovereignty & Responsibility Romans 9:1-11:36
16-Jun Mike McOrmond Paul’s Father Heart Romans 1:1-16
(Father’s Day/Graduates)
23-Jun Don White Living Sacrifice Manual Romans 12:1-12:21
30-Jun Mike Sicienski Athens: Paul’s Dangerous Journey Acts 17
(VBS Sunday) to Share the Truth
7-Jul Don White Dual Citizenship Romans 13:1-14
14-Jul Don White Care & Keeping of Consciense Romans 14:1-23
21-Jul Don White Striving Together Romans 15:1-33
28-Jul Don White Father Owned, Family Run Romans 16:1-27