“Christ Above All” Sunday Service (9:30 AM in the A/C Gym and 10:00 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Christ Above All

Text: I Kings 18:17-40

Theme: By decisively defeating the powers of darkness on their own turf, the Lord reveals Himself as God alone.

  1. The Lord _______________
    1. v. 21a.
    2. God sent Elijah to reason with & woo back His unrepentant people.


  2. The Lord ______________
    1. Elijah gave Baal’s prophets every advantage to show he’d not rigged the contest.
    2. While Baal was revealed as a nothing, the Lord revealed His glory.


  3. The Lord ______________
    1. Israel confessed her faith publicly, openly before the world, v. 39.
    2. Elijah “asked for the order”.



Questions for Study

How does our first core value place us in direct opposition to this world’s values & aims, as well as in direct opposition to our old human nature?

How was Jezebel’s campaign to silence God’s prophets/Word bearers & supplant them with her Baal & Asherah prophets a general practice since Satan first approached Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden?

How is every moral decision we make ultimately a matter of who we truly confess as lord/Lord, as the Ultimate Authority?

Boil it all down, we have two choices of whom we shall serve. Who are they?

How is the decision to believe & trust the Gospel ultimately a matter of believing who is God; of who is True & final authority?  I John 1:5-10.