“Jesus’ Power Helps Us Do Hard Things” LiveStream Service (9:25 AM, Sunday, June 7)

The June 7 sermon entitled “Jesus’ Power Helps Us Do Hard Things” will be “live streamed” at our normal worship service time of 9:30AM Sunday. However, we encourage you to login at 9:25AM to get settled in and enjoy the piano prelude music. Once again, you are invited to view or listen to our Sunday morning sermon in one of 4 ways.

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Outline for Acts 9:1-19   Theme:  Jesus’ Power Helps Us Do Hard Things

  1. ______, Ananias
    1. Jesus called him, by name, in a vision, to a specific mission.
    2. In company with Abraham, Moses, Samuel, Ananias swallowed hard.


  1. ______, Ananias
    1. To help Ananias, our Lord’s command reveals some of His plan for Saul
    2. Ananias played a part in God’s sending His Gospel to the Gentiles


  1. ____, Ananias
    1. Our Lord persuaded Ananias to obey, vv. 17-19a
    2. Appreciation for those who hesitated, then served the Lord.


Questions for Study

Many people seek to make a name for themselves.  How did God make a name for Ananias?  If you were called upon to write a reference for Ananias, what descriptive words might you use?

How does Ananias’ response to God’s call resemble many others’ responses to His call to service?  Name some Bible heroes’ responses like his.

What might one say was Ananias’ most important ability?

Ananias acted lovingly toward this former enemy of Christ & Christians—in what ways?

How did God help Ananias do the hard thing of ministering to Paul?  What strengths in Ananias did He draw upon?

What are some ways God has helped you do hard things?

What are some blessings/benefits of following through on tough tasks?