Ethnos 360 – The Fields’ – September 2019

We joined 30 students on a trip to

Missions training center in Canada!

This past summer the students at the missionary training center lived for a month in a house each family built out of plastic, poles, twine and lots of duct tape!!

There was a forest full of 15 beautiful plastic homes!!

They were learning how difficult life off the grid might be when they are missionaries overseas.

This past weekend we got to join 30 of our Bible school students to take a road trip to the “jungle camp”!

The students at the jungle camp gave our students 2 days of classes around the fire on God’s heart for those who have never heard the gospel.

They impacted our students on what our job as Christians should be!

Hearts were listening and open to be used by the Lord…in whatever way He asked.

We are only praising the Lord!!
Dave & Kim Field