Church Townhall Meeting, Wednesday Oct. 14

Seeking to keep the flow of Communication going, the Consistory is scheduling
a fellowship and church family get together for October 14th. The plan is to
share a simple meal (soup and bead) at 6:15. We will then meet at 7:00 PM for an hour to talk about items that are important to the life of our church family.

Families from A to M please bring bread and N to Z please bring soup.

*We hope to set out clearly where we are financially.
*We plan to layout some the work done in clarifying the leadership roles that many of you are involved with.
*From the worship work group, we intend to share some goals for the future, as well as some of the recent questionnaire results.

Our plan is to allow time for two-way communication as well.

Please mark your calendars and plan to join the family in the fellowship hall at 6:15 on October 14.