Welcome to SRCMarion.org!

This morning we officially launched srcmarion.org.

The web team needs help from the entire congregation to make the new website work:

  1. Follow and Share – You don’t even have to use a computer to share the website, the address is right on the front of the bulletin and we have a detailed Visit Us section there to help answer questions for potential visitors.  If you use Facebook or Google+ you can follow new announcements there.  If you use some other social media or news reader, let us know how we can help you get that going too!  Share our social media posts to spread the word when you want to invite your friends to events at SRC.  If you use Google Calendar you can add our shared calendar and have a handy schedule of all SRC events.
  2. Corrections and Additions – If there is anything incorrect on the website, anything missing, any last minute announcements about Volleyball being canceled tomorrow night, anything broken, let us know!  Send an e-mail to webmaster@srcmarion.org and we’ll get that posted for you.
  3. Check back often.  Print the parts of the Window that you need next to your calendar (yes, I know we’re slightly behind on launch day, the latest will be up soon.) Check that your ministry information has not changed (we have a handy search tool so you can find all the related posts) and dates/times are right on the calendars.
  4. Pray for the team – Many potential visitors will see our website before they decide if they want to come see our building and our people.  The website is the church’s online front door.  The web team has to juggle serving the needs of the church and serving the needs of seekers who may have never set foot in a church all while juggling the technical end as well.

We look forward to working with you more to keep improving the website and reaching more people with it.