Schwaderer’s News March 2018

March 2018

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….

A time to be born, and a time to die;” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,2).

This past February, Carolee’s mother, Lynne Munson, passed on to be with the Lord after suffering with cancer for the last couple of years. She was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and is now with Him never to suffer those pains again! Carolee had felt a very strong pressing from the Lord to fly to the United States in January to help Lynne, who was living alone, and now we are so thankful that Carolee got to be with her mom in the last few weeks of her life and at the time of her passing.  What a glorious and sure hope we have, all that believe and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. I’m afraid that most people don’t take death or their relationship with God seriously, so it is all of our jobs to get the gospel to as many as we can before it’s too late.

I like to play tennis for exercise, and last week I was able to witness to a new partner the other day after he beat me! Please pray for Israel, a very nice man who listened to me tell him a bit about the book of Revelation, and what was going to happen in the great tribulation. He actually said it scared him and wanted to know why God would do those things to us.  I asked him to read the book of Revelation in order get him in the Bible, and I plan on talking to him again soon.

In eleven years on the field, I have never taken a full year furlough, just twice I have been to the US for a few months for our daughters’ weddings and Rebekah’s graduation, but at the direction of the Lord, we will be taking a five month furlough from April to last week of August. We will be in New York in April, in Pennsylvania in May, and Ohio in June–after that, I´m not sure of our schedule. If you would like me to come and give an update or preach I would be glad to do so. Obviously, I cannot get to all of our supporters as they are spread all over the U.S., as much as I would love to see all of you. If you would like to have me come, please contact me through email at and I will do my best to be able to come.

Sincerely the Schwaderer family


January 2018 letter from the Schwaderer’s

January 2018
We are thankful to the Lord for allowing us to minister here in Tenerife again for another year. We have seen some precious souls saved and have started having our Sunday church services again. Leanna is continuing her home schooling and Carolee continues to teach English a few hours a week. Today she spoke with a Columbian lady who is saved but doesn’t have a church. Pray that she would be interested in coming to church with us.

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