Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries – January 2018

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries

PO Box 340

Annville, Kentucky 40402

January 24, 2018

Dear Prayer Warriors:

As we enter 2018 we are reminded of our many partners who have blessed us and make our efforts possible.  Your prayer support is especially treasured.

We have just concluded our first youth basketball session and next month our second session will start.  In the fall of 2017 we had our first baseball/softball youth leagues and had over 60 participants.  Last year we also started the Samson Project where we help local youths with strengthening and improving their agility.  During this time, we reminded the participants of the story of Samson and that his greatest strength came when he was closest to God.  We are planning to continue these two programs in 2018.  We are now in the grant writing stage of seeking funds to add an educational drug fighting component to our program.

The completion of the gym addition project is very close.  I realize that I have been writing that the finish line was close for quite some time.  But now we are preparing for the final inspections.  This has taken longer than I expected, which is making the completion more satisfying.  With this phase completed, we plan to start this spring with the conversion of the old bathrooms under the stage into a physical fitness center.  The Lincoln Hall rehabilitation project continues as well.  It is our prayer that the campus will continue to be a place where God’s presence can be felt to the many who come thru the campus gates.  Thanks again for your partnership with us.




Jacob “Jake” L. Moss

Development Director

Grace Covenant Ministries, November 2017


We hope you will have a blessed Thanksgiving. You are included as one of the blessings for which we thank God.

Attached is this year’s edition of the “Echoes from the Hills”. Many of you will be receiving this soon in your postal mail boxes. If you cannot open the pdf attachment, let me know and I will send you a copy in another format or thru the postal system.

A couple of additional items:

Please remember Tommy Miracle (our Director of Campus Operations) and his family in your prayers. His mother, Eva Miracle, passed away on November 13.

Last month we stated that we were seeking an additional $5,000.00 in funds to cover some unbudgeted expenses (such as having to replace fire alarm systems. A supporter has come forward with a challenge stating that they would match any new or additional gifts we receive before Dec. 31 up to $2,500.00. We have received a couple of “additional” gifts already. If you can help us it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for sharing this Prayer Warrior with others. If you know of someone who would like to receive this email please let us know. If you want to be removed from our mailing list please contact us.

Jacob “Jake” L. Moss
Development Director, Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries
Cell Phone 606-438-4719