Happy New Year from the Kraybills

Greetings Friends,

Happy New Year’s from all of us in Florida!   If you’re feeling cold up north, come for a visit.

We had a lot to celebrate in 2018, some of which were:

~Alanna’s graduation from college at John Brown University in May.

~Anissa’s graduation from high school at Rift Valley Academy in July.

~Rod’s Grandma’s 100th birthday in October.

~Rod finished his Master’s degree in Adult Learning and Organizational Leadership in December.

~Our 25th wedding anniversary in December.

We have much to be thankful for in these celebrations, and God has been faithful each step along the way.

Another word for 2018 was transitions, some of which were:

~Alanna’s transition from leaving college and her life there to settling into life in Central Florida.  She job hunted for 3 months and found a job mid-November.  She is working at a retirement community as a server.  It isn’t her dream job, but she’s thankful for a job and having an opportunity to be a light in her new community.  Pray that she would be a faithful witness to those around her.

~Rod, Lori and Anissa left Rift Valley Academy in Kenya in July.  Anissa then went to Costa Rica for 4 months of Bible school at Torchbearers in San Jose.  She is now back in FL with us and will be continuing to apply for colleges, get her driver’s license, and look for a job.  Pray for her continued adjustment to living in the States.  Rod and Lori have been adjusting to life in FL, visiting our supporting churches, and looking for a church in our community.  We have chosen to be a part of The Grove Church here in Minneola.  Pray that we would be faithful where God has planted us.

~Autumn did a study abroad program in Thailand in the fall and loved it.  She learned Thai language and culture and came alongside missionaries and their ministries.  She has now returned to Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL for her spring semester.  Pray for wisdom and strength in all that she is involved with this semester.

Through all of these transitions God has faithfully provided the comfort and growth that we’ve needed.

So, what’s ahead for us in 2019?

~Rod will continue to be the Training and Leadership Coordinator for AIM.  He will continue to come alongside missionaries providing life coaching, facilitating workshops, and coordinating training resources for missionaries and those in leadership roles.

~Lori has started a part-time with a Kingdom building company.  With the cost of living being higher in the States, and our support levels low the last 5 months; this has allowed us to not have to raise more support.  We feel this is an answer to prayer!

~Rod and Lori will be traveling to Kenya and North Africa from February 8-March 4.  Rod will be coaching the leadership team at RVA.  We will attend a conference for those working with mu$lims with Lori helping with childcare.  We will also be providing 3 workshop training events for workers in North Africa during our 10 days there.  Pray for safety as we travel, our girls while we’re gone and that we would be faithful in serving our Lord during this time.

We’re thankful for your prayers and continued support through 2019!

Rod, Lori, Alanna, Autumn, and Anissa