Doug Schwaderer Update for July 2016

July 2016

Dear Churches and Praying friends,

We rejoice in that the Lord has blessed our travel to the US for this brief mini furlough; it has been a good time of family reunions, seeing “old” friends and being in our home church–although a whirlwind since we arrived and we are just now starting to catch our breath.

The celebration that brought us to the states was our daughter Rebekah’s high school graduation, and we feel so grateful that for the first time in five years we were able to be with all six of our children and the majority of our grandkids for the event. We took advantage of the occasion to snap some family photos. We are attaching a few of them in this email.
When a missionary returns to their sending country, it is common to experience reverse culture shock. It takes a while to make the transition. We are sad to see our great nation decline so much spiritually and you really notice a difference. Our prayer is for the Lord to have mercy upon our land, and especially with the upcoming presidential election.

We continue to serve the Lord wherever that finds us. In May we were able to minister with our son in law and daughter, Pastor Michael and Jenny Hunt at Heritage Baptist Church in Manheim PA. Michael is out daily knocking on doors and inviting people to come to Christ, and the week we were there we saw eight people make professions of salvation. Jenny is a good help meet to Michael, from soul winning, working in the bus ministry and nursery, and giving piano lessons. They kept us busy!

In June at our home church, Old Paths Bible Baptist Church (Holley, NY), Doug was able to lead a young Chinese boy to the Lord after a Sunday morning service. Rebekah and Leanna spoke at a ladies meeting, telling about their experiences growing up on the mission field. Carolee spent some time in Dayton, OH caring for her 81 year old mother Lynne who is undergoing chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.

It was refreshing to spend a few days relaxing in the Adirondacks where our daughter Amy and husband Greg own a Baptist retreat. We were able to fish on Indian Lake, and caught a few large mouth bass. It was a lot of fun, but the thrill is short lived compared to the lasting joy we find in fishing for the souls of men.

We leave July 2nd for a week in Belize where we will visit our daughter and son in law Greg and Amy Davis and grandchildren, who are serving as missionaries there. We hope to do a lot of witnessing using our Spanish in Belize–which surprising is an English speaking country, but has a large number of Spanish speaking immigrants.

Randy and Heidi Geiger are filling in for us in the Canary Islands, and things seem to be running smoothly in the church. Randy and the men are taking turns preaching, and they are going out on the streets to testify and pass out tracts.

We have a full schedule of meetings for the remainder of the summer, and then will take Rebekah to Fairhaven Baptist Bible college at the end of August, which will be a bittersweet goodbye as she enters this new phase of her life. We will miss her greatly as she has served so faithfully with us. Leanna will certainly feel the loss as well when we return–they are very close. Pray for our transitions.

Thanks so much for your faithful support and prayers,
The Schwaderer Family