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The Bible League assists Christians and churches worldwide, so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into the fellowship of Christ and His Church. Specifically, they provide Bibles and related materials, promote personal, family and small group Bible study, partner with churches and mission organizations, supplying them with Bibles, related materials, and training in church planting and Scripture placement. Where there is no local church, Christians are trained to establish new churches.

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  • The Bible League – October 2020 October 5, 2020

    Text Box: eNews October 2020

    The Gospel City

    Located on the coast of Indonesia, Manokwari is the capital city of West Papua. Unlike the rest of the Muslim-dominated nation, the majority of the residents there identify as Christians. In the 1800s, Christian missionaries brought the Good News to people in the area. At the time, people there were known for worshipping nature and practicing black magic.
    Despite being known the “Gospel City,” few there know the true meaning of salvation, or are engaged in the Word of God. Instead, Christianity is more of a tradition or a label than a lifestyle. “These people know who Jesus is; however, that doesn’t mean that they recognize Jesus as their Lord and Savior,” says Romi, Bible League International’s communications specialist for the area.


    But, thanks to people like you, pastors and religious leaders in the area are working to change that.  Local churches in Manokwari are now introducing Bible League’s Project Philip Bibles studies and Bible-based Literacy to help residents learn about true salvation. Bible-based Literacy is especially appealing to people in the capital city, one of the poorer towns of West Papua. Many there have limited educational opportunities, so they embrace the opportunity to learn English. They know it’s a skill that can open many doors. But even more important, the adults and children taking part in Bible-based Literacy are learning the Gospel.

    The government of Manokwari is supportive of Christianity, and even helps build churches around the city, especially in under-resourced areas. But buildings aren’t what make believers. Thanks to your support, people in Manokwari are learning the true meaning of Christianity.


    A New Church in Haiti

    When Pierre was growing up in Cornillon, Haiti, life was by no means easy. His commune is in a very neglected area without infrastructure or sanitary systems. Many are farmers or people who sell goods on the streets. He notes, “We don’t have good roads, hospitals, or drinking water.”
    While Pierre was able to go to school, he had to walk an hour and a half every day to do so. “But I didn’t think it was a problem,” he explains. In high school, he left his community to go to Port-au-Prince to attend a public school.
    Though Pierre grew up going to church, he didn’t see God at work in his life until he went to a friend’s church. He explains, “That day, the Holy Spirit persuaded me, and I received eternal life. From that moment on, I made it a priority to serve God and go to school.” Pierre finished college and got married. He’s been married for nine years. After college, he returned to Cornillon to work.
    Pierre felt God calling him to plant a church in his hometown, but he wasn’t sure how he would do it. Then, a friend told him that he was going to Bible League’s Church Planter Training. He notes, “So, I felt encouraged to enroll as well.”
    As he began, Pierre realized his true mission in life and how he could work for the Lord. His pastor helped him implement the skills he was learning in the training.
    Pierre has successfully planted a church that now has about 150 members. He’s using what he learned through Bible League to help his church members engage in the Word. “Today, we use Bible League International’s materials because they are very easy for our people to understand,” he beams. “Many people here have received eternal life through Bible League’s programs.”

    Influencing His Family

    Elidio, a 24-year-old in Mozambique, grew up in a Christian family. But he admits that at one time he was a “backslider.” Brothers and sisters from the local church kept inviting him to Project Philip Bible studies, but he wouldn’t go. He had no desire to go to church. But one day, that changed.

    “I thought to myself, ‘No, this is not happening by mistake. It is God who is encouraging me to come to this program. Today, I’ll go and see what’s going on at that church,’” he remembers.

    He headed to the church that day and found people learning about God through a Project Philip Bible study. He had always thought that his family’s church was the only good church, but he soon learned that it was not about the church itself, but about God. “Until that moment, I was living according to my own desires. But when I came to this church, I discovered that Jesus wants us to live according to His will,” he says.

    For years, Elidio was very judgmental. “I even judged my own parents,” he says. “But since I’ve been here, I have discovered that the Bible says to not judge. I was looking down on other churches and believers. Here, I learned it is not about the churches. No, it’s about Jesus who called people to be in the Church. We have to live according to the will of God.”

    Today, Elidio is praying for his father, a Christian who has now gone astray. “My mother and I are battling to change his mind,” he says. “It’s not easy to live in harmony as a family.”

    Despite his father’s resistance to the Word of God, Elidio doesn’t stop. Many days he sits with his father and his Bible, trying his best to share the Good News. “Often, he says he doesn’t want to speak with me about that, so I’m limited,” he says.

    Still, Elidio is thankful for the materials that changed his life and will hopefully change his father’s life. “The Project Philip materials are like gold. We are receiving so many good things from those booklets.”

    Give While You Shop!

    Did you know that you can have a portion of your Amazon purchases donated to Bible League? The AmazonSmile Foundation recently surpassed $200 million in donations to charities worldwide, including Bible League International! With holiday shopping quickly approaching, be sure to head to, choose Bible League International as your charity, and a portion of your purchase will be donated directly to the ministry. Thank you!


    Bible League International Prayer Calendar

    Join friends around the world in prayer! Click here to download the October prayer calendar.

    Additional Prayer Requests

    Bible League Brazil is providing 1,500 Bibles to doctors and nurses across the country. Pray that these health care workers would find comfort and rest in the Lord through this initiative!

    Praise God for nearly 2,000 people in Ethiopia who recently completed Project Philip Bible studies and received Bibles! Pray that they would continue to study the Word of God and draw nearer to Him each day!

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  • The Bible League – August 2020 August 9, 2020

    Text Box: eNews August 2020

    Seeing God in Everything

    Longpre longs for people in her village to know the hope that she has found in God’s Word. This 23-year-old wife and mother lives with her family in a remote area of southern Bangladesh. There are no vehicles and no public transportation. She must walk two hours to reach the closest market.For years, Longpre and her family worshipped nature.

    But when her daughter got sick, a local pastor—and Bible League-trained church planter—began to comfort her family. “Pastor told us that Jesus would heal our daughter, and I believed him,” she says. “Miraculously, she was healed.”

    The pastor continued to visit the family, teaching them God’s Word. Longpre began to worship God, and she saw major changes in her life. “We had many struggles in our family. Our marriage was not very easy,” she says. “Now, we have a lot of peace and understanding between us.”

    She credits the change to her family’s time in the Word. “Jesus has transformed my life and my character,” she says. “My neighbors did not like me, as I was known to pick fights for small issues. But God taught me peace.”

    Longpre no longer worships nature, but the one true God. “My house is just below the mountains and is made of bamboo. We do not have electricity; only the sun gives us light. When I look at the mountains, the hills, the sky, and everything, I know that God created it all.”

    Her hope for the future is that people in her village could know Jesus. “This really is a changed life,” she says. “Many women like me in the village are struggling. My prayer is that Jesus changes their lives as He changed mine.”


    Overcome with God’s Love

    Woman in Armenia Accepts Jesus

    July 13, 2020

    Metaqsya, pictured with her children, was born and raised in Armenia. She remembers growing up in a prayer-filled household. She explains, “When I was still a kid, my parents became believers. I remember my father and mother would read passages from the Bible every night, after which we prayed together as a family.”

    As she got older, she began to neglect her faith. Then she fell hard for a boy. She reveals, “As a teenage girl, I fell in love with a boy who was not a believer. My parents weren’t happy about that. I neglected their advice and married him. I was blinded by love; I thought my boyfriend was the perfect man. But I was wrong.”

    After having two children of her own, Metaqsya discovered her husband was not the kind man she thought. He became physically violent with her. Eventually, he left the family for another woman. A friend heard about the situation and came to see her. “I have a close friend who is a believer,” she says. “When she heard about what happened to me, she tried to visit me several times, but I refused to listen.” In her frustration and despair, Metaqsya fell to her knees and cried out, “Oh God, please help me!”

    She says right at that moment her friend showed up. “She told me about Jesus Christ,” Metaqsya says. “Then she invited me to join something she called ‘Choose Life,’ a Project Philip Bible study. The name of that program sounded so attractive to me. I decided to participate. I loved it!”

    She goes on to share how she realized she’d been against the Lord for years. She says softly, “I felt how God gave me peace. Day after day, I experienced God helping me. I’m telling you, it’s because of the study group that I am growing in my Christian life. Thanks to all of you who are supporting the Bible League ministry in Armenia!”

    The family doing a Bible study.


    Imprisonment Brought Freedom

    Man accepts Christ through Prison Ministry

    July 6, 2020

    Peter (left) had a good life. At 26 years old, he owned a welding business and had a working farm in his village in Zambia. He and his wife had children and they were building a house.

    One day, as he was returning home from work, Peter was attacked by three men. In an act of self-defense, Peter hit one of the attackers with a pole, killing him. Peter was arrested and sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

    During his sentence, Peter decided to join a Project Philip Bible study for inmates. “I found most of the inmates being so serious with the Word of God, studying nearly every day. I decided to be born again and gave my life to Jesus Christ before I was released,” he says.

    Peter learned so much about the Bible through discussions in his Project Philip group and the lessons in the Your Journey to Freedom Prison Bible he received. “It was really interesting to meet as a group and discuss the questions together as a team,” he says. “We could help each other and agree in conclusion after each topic. I thank God for such arrangements.”

    Peter was released after eight months in prison. But he didn’t receive the welcome home he had hoped. His wife had remarried and his children were now living with her and her new husband. “I was in shock and fell into depression,” he remembers. “My farmland and house were being occupied by someone else and nothing was left.”

    But Peter kept hope. “I am grateful and inspired, having received a free copy of the Bible from Bible League during my imprisonment. It was my tool and weapon to overcome such challenges in life,” he says. “I learned not to repay evil with evil, but good for evil. I am now using the same Bible to share the love of God with other people and my family. I am now a changed person and thank Jesus for setting me free through Project Philip.”

    Peter reflects on the personal changes he’s seen since accepting Jesus as his Savior. “Previously I was short-tempered, even when I was in jail. But after receiving the Word of God, I am now a changed person and my temper is gone.”

    He’s using his knowledge of Christ to share the Gospel with others, including his children and family. “What is different now in my life is that I have managed to bring back my children and I am moving on with my new life,” he says. But he’s not stopping there.

    “I feel that God is leading me to minister with His Word to many people. I would like to take part in the prison ministry so that I can help inmates as well,” he says. “By spreading the Good News about Jesus and what He did in my personal life, I can contribute towards growing His kingdom.”


    Bringing God’s Word to Japan

    Young people in Japan have embraced the print and digital versions of the bilingual (Japanese and English) Alive New Testament easy-to-read translation. This generation is learning that their heavenly Father loves them and wants a relationship with them. Watch the video to see how this translation is transforming lives.

    “Who is Jesus?”

    Today, if you were to ask that question of people in Japan, especially young people, few would have a clue. Some might say, “Is He an American? Is He a movie star?”

    For many years, Jesus and the Bible felt distant and stern to the Japanese people, especially among the younger generations. The only Japanese Bible translation available made Jesus seem to be a strict teacher or drill sergeant who commands people.

    Today, young people in Japan have embraced the print and digital versions of the bilingual (Japanese and English) Alive New Testament easy-to-read translation, released in 2017. This generation is learning that their heavenly Father loves them and wants a relationship with them.

    Now, our team is working on the Old Testament translation so that the people of Japan can have a complete Bible in a language they can understand. Believers in Japan are eager for the Old Testament.

    Your support will help complete the Old Testament so that the full Bible will be available to all Japanese people. Help bring the Word of God to Japan.


    Join friends around the world in prayer! Click here to download the August prayer calendar.

    Additional Prayer Requests

    Praise God that in the Correctional Services of South Africa, some Project Philip Bible study leaders will be able to resume their prison ministry programs. While only few will be able to start now, the rest will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Pray for the health of all involved, that the rest of the programs could start soon, and that God would use these Bible studies to change lives.

    Pray for the online Project Philip training in the Philippines with 50 people starting soon. Pray for stable internet and for Pastor Eli who is conducting the training.

    Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International help provide Bibles and training to a world in need.

    This email was sent by: Bible League International, 3801 Eagle Nest Drive Crete, IL, 60417, US


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  • The Bible League – May 2020 May 2, 2020

    May 2020 eNews

    Literacy teachers in Indonesia are seeing the benefits of Bible-based Literacy materials. Grace is a Bible-based Literacy teacher who manages a team of literacy teachers at her large church. For years, she struggled to find a suitable curriculum that was easy for teachers to follow and would keep students engaged.

    “Not all of us on the team are teachers by profession. Everyone is just a volunteer,” she says. “To regularly provide materials for eight different classes is a big challenge that we faced until we learned about Bible-based Literacy training [from Bible League International].”

    Now, her programs are running much more smoothly for both teachers and students. For some of the teachers, leading the class is helping them master the English language right alongside their students. Grace has already witnessed progress.

    “I saw how the students gave up on studying English before,” she says. “But now, their interest and excitement to learn is back. Everyone is so enthusiastic about participating during the class. We started this semester with the Bible-based Literacy program, but we have already seen many improvements from the students.”

    Beyond the language skills, students and teachers are actively engaging in the Word of God.

    “I read the Bible because I want to know more about Jesus. But in our area, that is not always the case,” Grace says. “Even here in a Christian community, people sometimes take reading for granted. Most of the Christians are content attending the church and listening to the sermon. But I explain to my students that they can’t replace reading the Bible with attending the church every Sunday. I make sure that they read their Bibles every day.”

    Latest News

    Life Changed in Haiti

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    Additional Prayer Requests

    Pray for the health of our world. As we continue to navigate this global pandemic, pray that leaders around the world would go to the Lord for wisdom in every step they take. Pray that God would use this pandemic to bring people to Him.

    Pray for those affected by the virus. Pray for the sick and the families who have lost loved ones. Pray they would find comfort in God. Pray for people who have been affected by the isolation. Pray for those who have lost jobs, for those who struggle with mental health issues or addiction, and those experiencing domestic violence at home. This pandemic is much bigger than the virus.


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  • The Bible League – April 2020 April 10, 2020

    Special Edition: In the Midst of Crisis, God is there.

    The worldwide impact of COVID-19 presents uncharted territory for all of us. For a global ministry like Bible League, the pandemic touches nearly every aspect of our ministry: partners, donors, staff, and ministry recipients.

    Amid this chaos, ministry is still happening. Bibles are still being delivered. Believers are still being trained. The Gospel is still spreading. Our ministry is affected, but it’s not stopping.

    Throughout the Bible, we see stories of people surviving tragedy and chaos. We see God working miracles in midst of storms. And in this issue of your eNews, you’ll read the stories of three children who are fully trusting in God, despite their circumstances—and God is showing Himself faithful over and over. These young people can be an inspiration to us in times like these.

    As the news changes every day, we encourage you to stay focused on the One who is in control. None of this surprises the Lord, and we as Christians can have peace as we reflect on His promises.

    “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV


    Latest News

    Rejected by Everyone but God

    April 1, 2020

    Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka

    Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka. She was raised by her grandparents alongside her two sisters and two younger cousins. While her grandparents did their best to raise five children while working in the tea gardens, Nanthini and the other children were often left alone, feeling neglected. “There were times where we yearned for parental love and protection that no one could provide,” she remembers.

    But that wasn’t the end of Nanthini’s struggles. She was unable to walk, stand, or speak on her own for nearly eight years. Her mental development was not on track with others her age. Her reproductive organs were not developing, and doctors said she would never experience puberty. Friends and family ridiculed and rejected her. “I would overhear people say really mean things, like ‘she is a curse to the family, nothing good will come from her’ and ‘she will never be a woman, she will not live long,’” Nanthini remembers sadly.

    She was often left home alone when her grandparents and family would go out. She quit school at 15. She was discouraged and sad.

    One day, a pastor and Bible League-trained church planter visited Nanthini. He introduced her to the Bible, telling her about the healing power of Jesus. “I said to myself, ‘I’m going to trust Jesus, the miraculous healer,’” she remembers. “I started with the Gospel of Mark, trusting Jesus word by word. I felt hopeful after reading the Bible and placed my whole trust in Jesus.”

    The next month, Nanthini went to the hospital for her monthly checkup. Doctors were amazed to find healthy development throughout her body. Everything was improving. Nanthini knew it was because of God. “I was very interested and hungry to learn more of the Word of God,” she says.

    She began praying for her father who struggled with alcoholism and showed no signs of repentance. For weeks she prayed, knowing the power of God. Her father became ill and gave up drinking for good.

    The more she saw God work, the stronger Nanthini’s faith became. Her father has since come back into her life and her mother has promised to do the same. “I am thrilled and grateful for the ministry of Bible League International,” she says. “I was disabled, rejected, and cursed, but now the love of God has changed my life and blessed my heart. Thank you.”


    Crisis Brings Boys to Jesus

    April 1, 2020

    Abel, 11, and Yoangel, 14, are two of the millions of people affected by the Venezuelan refugee crisis.

    Abel, 11, and Yoangel, 14, are two of the millions of people affected by the Venezuelan refugee crisis. Their families, both from Venezuela, were forced to join households and live together because of the economic crisis in their country. But even the new living arrangements didn’t help the families enough, and they decided to emigrate to Colombia.

    After weeks of travel, the families finally landed in Bogotá, Colombia. They found a place to stay, but sadly, the long travel had been too hard for Yoangel’s mother. She was suffering with lung issues and the trip made those worse. She passed away in Bogotá. Devastated, the two families decided to move again to escape the sad memories.

    Heading south towards Ecuador, they stopped in Santander de Quilichao, a violent city in southern Colombia. But despite the violence, the families felt welcome. A local pastor showed them support and love, so much that they decided to stay. They found a place to live—and they found Jesus!


    Yoangel says God’s Word has changed his life and brought comfort to his family. “Becoming part of the church has been very good for my family and me. Before bed, I read my new Bible and take it to every Bible study,” he says. “I know today that Jesus Christ is my Savior!”


    Abel has found comfort and peace in Jesus. “I found God’s help through His Word here,” he says. “Jesus gave His life for us, and He gives us love and strength to continue our lives.” Currently, both boys are studying the Word through a Project Philip Bible study in their church.

    At such young ages, these boys have suffered more than many adults, but their mature faith has brought them peace and comfort. Please pray for them.

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    Additional Prayer Requests

    Around the world, we see God using this scary pandemic as an awakening. In Albania, a Muslim-dominated country, Bible studies are starting because people are looking for hope. Pray that God would continue to soften hearts to the Gospel and use this time of uncertainty to bring people to Him.

    We’re seeing leaders start new initiatives to continue their ministry. Praise God that He’s provided many non-traditional opportunities for believers to worship, pray, and share the Gospel together. Pray that ministry leaders around the globe would stay encouraged and continue to serve.


    Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.
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  • The Bible League – March 2020 March 4, 2020


    A person’s lifetime commitment to Jesus can impact hundreds. That’s the story for Victor.

    Twenty years ago, Victor graduated from Church Planter Training. He had volunteered for Bible League Mexico for years and finally planted his own church. He led the church for four years, then returned to farming. But, being a pastor was his calling, so soon after, he offered to care for an abandoned church in a nearby community.

    With the guidance of the Lord, what started as a small gathering of Victor’s family soon turned into a full congregation. Victor served there for 18 years, then passed the torch to another Bible League-trained church planter. He is now in the process of starting another church, one he will eventually pass down to another graduate.

    In all his time serving, Victor has watched the Lord work over and over. “I have seen many people receiving our Savior, Jesus Christ, in their hearts. I have seen the restoration of many families and transformation of individual lives. I have seen brothers grow up to be leaders, many who were freed from alcoholism and excruciating poverty,” he says. “God entrusted me to be loyal to the ministry. I have gone through many obstacles during the decades, but God has never left me.”

    Through his Church Planter Training, Victor has impacted so many lives across Mexico. He has led churches, mentored leaders, and was even involved in translating the New Testament to the Mixe indigenous language. Praise God for his lifelong commitment!

    Finding Faith in Prison

    A man’s time in prison leads him to Christ

    February 10, 2020

    Oscar, a believer in Ghana.

    Though 27-year-old Oscar grew up in a Christian family in the Upper West Region of Ghana, he didn’t understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus Christ—until he went to jail. A few years ago, Oscar worked for a mobile phone company, and he got into trouble when he made the wrong decision to replace a friend’s sim card. Unfortunately, Oscar’s friend lied.

    He recalls, “That wasn’t his card, but it was his employer’s. He then went and withdrew a large amount of money without the employer’s permission.” When the truth came out, Oscar was liable and charged with aiding and abetting. He notes, “I tried to find the man, but the efforts deemed fruitless. At the time, I couldn’t repay the money. Therefore, I was taken to court.” Oscar pled guilty and was sentenced to 27 months in Tamale Central Prison.

    One day, a pastor came to the prison to share the Gospel, and he encouraged Oscar to join a Project Philip Bible study there. He regularly began going to the study and really enjoyed the Prison Bible he received. He says, “What I liked the most about that Bible is that it’s easy to read and the lessons are easy to understand. Having the lessons in the Prison Bible has helped us to understand what we are reading and equipped us with how to share God’s Word with other inmates.”

    Oscar served 18 months in prison before he was released. Though he still faces stigmas for being in jail, he was able to get a new job through believers who helped to lead Project Philip Bible studies within the prison. But above all, the greatest blessing to him is God’s Word. He beams, “The Prison Bible has changed a lot of Ghanaian inmates, both spiritually and mentally. It’s the Prison Bible that brought hope and transformation to those who felt rejected.”

    God’s Word is her Inspiration

    Project Philip Bible studies change Albanian woman’s life

    February 3, 2020

    Natasha and her husband.

    Natasha, 40, comes from a Roma Muslim family. She is married with three children and lives in Albania. “I tried to follow the rules of Islam, but I found it very difficult to do it all,” she says softly. “However, it was the only way I knew how to seek God. But I didn’t find peace.”

    She reveals their money problems led to quarrels at home. “My husband started to hang out with his old friends. This situation caused a lot of stress for me. One day, while I was at home, a woman came and knocked on my door. She talked to me about Jesus. I had never heard that message,” she explains.

    Her husband did not want to hear about it. “I was very determined,” she says, “and eventually, I convinced him to go to church with me. As soon as we got in there, we felt a presence that I could not explain but I could tell it was God’s presence. People from the church invited us to be part of a Bible study group. We went regularly and completed the whole Project Philip Bible study.

    “Through those studies, God completely changed my life and that of my family. I realized how much God loves me, that He died for me on the cross, and I accepted Him as Lord and Savior of my life. I started reading the Bible every day at home.”

    Although uncomfortable at first, her husband also became a believer and the family’s situation changed completely. “We are blessed and happy,” Natasha reports. “The Bible is the inspiration for my life and my family. Through studying and believing in the Word of the Lord, my family and I were saved. Thank you for giving it to me for free because we couldn’t afford it. I like to share the Word of God with my friends. Please, keep on giving all Albanians the opportunity to learn and know about the true God through the Scriptures, as you did with me. May the Lord bless you!”

    2019 Ministry Map

    Throughout 2019, God’s Word was strategically sent across the globe. Thanks to your support, more than 2 million people were reached with the Word in 40 different countries. Take a closer look at the impact map to see details!


    Join Us in Prayer This Month: Download the March Prayer Calendar

    Additional Prayer Requests

    May the Lord bless the upcoming Project Philip training in Jakarta, Indonesia, among 60 Christian education teachers. Pray that this training will equip these teachers to become more effective in sharing God’s Word with their students. Continue to pray for the residents of this area as they recover from devastating floods in the city last month.

    A Bible League-trained Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader) in Mamelodi, South Africa, was murdered recently. Pray for comfort and peace for his wife and two daughters as well as the rest of his family. Please ask the Lord to protect the Philips and trainers as they work in dangerous places.


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  • The Bible League – October 2019 October 7, 2019

    For the children at Danville Primary School in South Africa, a Bible is a luxury item. Many of the students come from impoverished areas, and most families don’t go to church. For some of these students, their only meal is at school.

    “How can a child’s parents afford a Bible when they can’t even put food on their table?” asks Mrs. Schwarz, one of the teachers.

    But now, these kids have the opportunity to own their own Bibles and study the Word using Project Philip Bible studies. Since April, a local pastor has been holding Bible studies in the school and while the teachers had reservations, they have noticed a welcomed change in students’ behavior.

    “They are learning to respect the grownups,” Mrs. Schwarz says. “They think, ‘If I can’t respect the human beings standing in front of us, how can I respect the Lord?’ Their way of doing things totally changed, not only behavioral but also in their knowledge.” This change is spilling into their home life, where parents are starting to read the Bible to find the goodness of God that their children have found.

    Latest News

    A Difficult Life

    Renu was raised in a Buddhist family in Thailand. She regarded herself as a kind person, but her life was full of hardships. “Karma seems to have betrayed me,” she says.

    Her parents divorced and because Renu was the oldest sibling, it became her responsibility to care for her mother and siblings, including taking on the financial burden of her brother’s education.

    Even though she worked hard to take care of her family, Renu’s relationship with her mother was cold and broken.

    “My mother disliked me as long as I can remember,” she says. “Everything that I did was wrong for her and she would always complain that I was no good. She never had a peaceful moment with me.”

    Renu struggled with her difficult relationship with her mother and visited a Buddhist priest for help. “I spent a lot of money trying to bring peace and reconciliation between both of us through their mantras and charms, but nothing changed.”

    Finding Change

    A friend of Renu’s invited her to church and told her that God could help her situation. When she arrived, she was skeptical and unimpressed, but agreed to meet with the pastor.

    “I did not understand everything that he said, but I was desperate and wanted to be released from the situation, so I opened my heart to accept Jesus Christ,” she says.

    Weeks later, she hosted a prayer group at her home. She had kept her new life a secret from her unbelieving husband, so when he walked in on the prayer group, she was shocked when he accepted Christ on the spot. Renu eventually shared the Gospel with her mother.

    “By God’s grace, my mother accepted Jesus Christ, too,” she says. “Our relationship has become much better. Praise the Lord!”

    Renu and her husband were trained as Project Philip Bible study leaders and helped share the Gospel in 12 villages in their area. She currently ministers to multiple families and hopes to build a church in the future.

    “Thank God for the new life,” she says. “No amount of meditation or medication has provided what Jesus has done for me. I am so peaceful and joyful now.”

    Sharing the Gospel from Country to Country

    “I was losing faith at that moment.”

    Johane grew up attending church with her mother in Port-au-Prince and knew from an early age that she wanted to serve the Lord. But the road was far from easy. Following a devastating earthquake in 2010, she lost her job in telecommunications.

    Her family tried to open their own business, but the struggles were just too much to continue. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere with 60% of the population living in poverty. Johane and her family were quickly becoming part of that percentage. They decided to leave their home and try for a better life in the United States.

    “I prayed to God amid those circumstances. I told Him, ‘If you help me, I will preach for you, I will talk to people for you,’” she says.

    The family moved to the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, six years ago. The area has a large Haitian and West African immigrant population. They lived in the basement of a friend’s home and searched tirelessly for jobs. The chaos of trying to survive took a toll on Johane’s evangelism work.

    “Here in the U.S., in the middle of all the struggle, my son had a dream. He dreamt that God told him He was going to give us a house,” she says. “Honestly, I was losing faith at that moment.”

    The Turnaround

    Not long after her son’s dream, Johane’s husband got a job. The family moved into an apartment, then eventually a house. Overwhelmed with joy by the providence of God, Johane was reminded of the promise she made.

    “After we moved into our house, I had a dream. I was before God, on my knees, asking Him for forgiveness and a second chance,” she recalls. “I remembered my prayers back in Haiti when I promised I would serve Him. After all these blessings, I knew I could not only serve Him, but my job from that time on would be to spread the Good News.”

    Double Degree

    Johane is a trained Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader) in both Haiti and the United States. She was ministering in Haiti when she moved, and after settling in the U.S., she searched for two years for ministry resources. As a last-ditch effort, she prayed asking for resources specifically from Bible League International.

    “One night, my pastor gave me a brochure promoting a Bible League International training in a church nearby. When I saw that, I was screaming, I was so excited,” she says. “I led seven people to Christ from my community when I worked with Project Philip in Haiti!”

    Serving in the U.S.

    Johane has since shared the resources with her church leadership and members of her church, who are primarily Haitian immigrants. “The program made a massive difference in our church. Now, there is a fire burning in my pastor’s heart for evangelism and discipleship,” she says.

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  • The Bible League International – September 2019 September 7, 2019



    One recent afternoon in a village in southeast Albania, near the border with Greece, 21 children and youth gathered at a local church for a Project Philip Bible study.

    The boys and girls sat in a wide circle of plastic chairs. One of the children listening with rapt attention was 10-year-old Matteo. Like many kids, he enjoys soccer and hopes to play professionally one day. But he has another big dream. He wants to “serve the Lord and to serve in the church.”

    Matteo loves going to church and studying God’s Word through this children’s Bible study. “The booklets are helping us to grow in the Word of God,” he says with a smile. “The most important thing I learned is that we should pray only to Jesus. He is the only real God.” Because of the support of friends like you, Matteo now has a Bible of his own, which he enjoys reading often at home.

    A Life Worth Living

    His Pain Only Grew

    He recalls, “The older I became, the more issues I had.” For 14 years, he drank heavily, spent time with women who weren’t his wife, and fought so much with his family that they wanted him out of the house.

    He says sadly, “As time passed, the conflicts just increased, the pain only grew bigger, and my addiction destroyed me. My life was not worth living anymore.” But his life changed when his son asked him to help make a cheese delivery to his pastor’s house. When they arrived, the pastor invited Santos to join him in a Project Philip Bible study. He explains, “It was at that moment in the pastor’s house that I met the Lord Jesus and gave my life to Him.”

    Living a Miracle

    Following his commitment to Christ, Santos began studying the Bible like a curious and hungry child. He notes, “After years of drunkenness and addictions, I started to live my life with more discipline and a desire to comprehend God’s Word.” As he studied God’s Word, he learned that he had the opportunity to live differently now. He asked his family to forgive him for the years of suffering and abuse. Recently, one of his children said, “Miracles are real,” when referencing Santos’ transformation.

    Today, he is focused on planting churches and is an active Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader). Santos says, “I lead a few Bible study groups to help people understand what a new life in Christ means. Thank you for helping me to learn about Christ and for providing me materials so that I can teach others.”


    Finding a True Relationship

    The oldest of eight siblings, Ciella and her family regularly attended a church that often mixed Christianity with sorcery, so she did not feel safe there. Her parents allowed her to visit other churches, and she eventually found a church home, but something was missing. Ciella did not have a true relationship with God.

    Turning Point

    Earlier this year, Ciella signed up for a Project Philip Bible study at her school. “These lessons helped me to see and understand many things that I had ignored before,” she says. “I understand that Jesus died on the cross to set us free from our sins, and we can enter into a relationship with God our Creator through Jesus.”

    Lesson after lesson, Ciella learned more about a relationship with God. Soon after she started the study, she gave her life to Christ and found the personal relationship promised in the Word of God. “l made the greatest decision to surrender my life to Jesus. Now, after going through the lessons, I know that God is near me and has changed my life,” she says.

    Committed to Christ

    At the end of the study, Ciella received her Bible, which she promises to read every day. She has committed her life to sharing all she has learned with others. “I thank God for helping me to follow the Project Philip program and am grateful for Bible League International,” she says. “The program helped me, and I hope that it can help others and bring them into a relationship with God. Thank you very much!”

    Share God’s Word When You Shop at Christian Book Distributors!

    Christian Book Distributors partners with us to donate 5-10% of your total purchase back to Bible League International.

    Whether shopping for Bibles, study materials, or gifts for loved ones, check out the Christian Book Distributors’ Bible League Store Front to make your purchase!


    Prayer Requests

    Please pray for a children’s ministry in a village in central Albania’s Tirana County, where about 100 kids are using Project Philip Bible studies. Pray, too, that parents will be reached with the Gospel of Christ through their children.

    Praise the Lord for the nearly 2,000 people in Ethiopia who received Bibles of their own after completing Project Philip Bible studies. May the hope of the Gospel be evident in their lives as they share God’s love in their communities.

    Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.

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Robert T. Frank
President and CEO