Global Scholars (formerly IICS) (Tom and Leslie Johnson)

Global Scholars and World Evangelical Alliance


Global Scholars places faculty from a wide range of disciplines in teaching positions at secular universities outside N. America and the UK. They also establish Departments of Christian Studies, provide library collections, sponsor business and teacher training seminars and provide curriculum consultation. Their mission is to bring glory to God and impact the world by developing godly leaders for every sector of society – government, business, home, church, arts, law, science, education – as they provide key universities and academic institutions with educational services and Christian faculty who teach and live in such a way as to draw others to faith and transformation in Christ. IICS teaches all subject matter from a Christian worldview in secular classrooms. Tom and Leslie now make their home in NC, but continue to serve remotely and travel as needed.  Tom is also an envoy to the Vatican regarding the persecuted church.

Home Address:
Tom & Leslie Johnson
3416 Park Hill Road
Fayetteville, NC 2831

P.O. Box 12147
Overland Park, KS 66282-2147
913-962-4422/1-800-776-4427 (Joy McBride, office manager above address)
For the Johnson’s: