Schwaderer News – May 2021

News from the Schwaderers in the Canary Islands

May/June 2021
Greetings in the name of our Lord,
God has blessed us recently in the prison, as three men have repented and put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. On one occasion, a man named Antonio came up and sat down next to me as I was talking to some other men. He told me that he was so depressed that he was going to ask the doctor to take his life! He said he had no hope, no friends, no job skills, no family, and nowhere to stay when he left. Besides that, he suffers with epilepsy. Since my time was almost up, I gave him all the good news I could and left it until next time. The next week, he said he read the tract and had a new outlook on life and felt much better! I don’t think he was saved yet, but the Lord had given him hope. I was able to open the scriptures again and thank the Lord he believed the gospel and trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour! He is not the same person I talked to that first day! We have been studying the Bible and he has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!
Another man recently approached and asked if we could talk. This does not happen very often. It turns out he had tried suicide and had no hope in this life. I told him I had been there and that there was an answer! We sat on the cement steps and after hearing the good news, he asked the Lord to save him. His name is Iban. The third man is Yauci and he trusted the Lord as well. Please pray for these three men and that the prison stays open despite covid outbreaks in the modules.
I continue to visit the various schools and the university on a weekly basis to pass out tracts and talk to the students when given an open door. The smiley tracts are well received by almost everyone.
Our church services are going very well, and we are enjoying being in the hotel conference room.  We enjoy having Leanna with us for the summer, and she is greatly involved in the ministry. What a blessing to have your children serving the Lord! We are printing flyers that she designed with the new address of the church so that we can start passing them out with the other literature we have. She also plays the piano for us which greatly enriches the worship services. Carolee is doing well and is keeping busy with ministry in the church as well as teaching a few English classes and taking care of me!
Thank you for all your prayers and financial support.
Doug, Carolee, and Leanna

Carolee’s Corner Canary Islands

Hi All:

Just thought we would share with you, Carolee Schwaderer’s Blog giving us a perspective of missions from a Missionary’s wife’s point of view.

The Schwaderer’s – September 2020

Doug Schwaderer Family

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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The church is doing well in the Canary Islands as everyone is being faithful to the online services via WhatsApp. I continue to preach from here in the states but right now more are attending by video call rather than in person. Some of this is from fear of the virus, as well as for other reasons, but please pray that they would decide to be physically present in church. Juan has been coming and is growing in the Lord, for which we are grateful. I believe his sister Loli was listening with him online this past Sunday and heard some of the  preaching. Pray for her salvation, as well as all of Juan’s brothers and sisters.  Leo and Frank continue to take turns teaching the adult Sunday School and are doing a good job.

I have been visiting some of our supporting churches and will continue to do so while we are here. Since our return plane tickets were cancelled due to the virus, we have been seeking the Lord as to when he would have us return; and as of now we will be staying probably another two or three months in the States. I will be mainly in the states of OH, PA, NY, and surrounding areas; however if you would like me to come and give an update and/ or minister I would be glad to do so, as the Lord allows.

God has opened some doors of opportunity since I have been back. One was in a Walmart in Englewood, Ohio, where I was talking with a store attendant named “V!” I had asked God to direct me to someone to talk to about the Lord while in the store, and he did!  I gave him a tract and asked him if he knew where he was going when he died. He said he didn’t know, and I was able to give him the gospel. When I was finished, I asked him if he wanted to be saved, and he said YES! He prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ to save him right there in the store!

While babysitting for five of our grandchildren in Manheim, PA, God allowed me to fill  in preaching for my son in law Michael Hunt who pastors Heritage Baptist Church. A lady named Tiffany came in after the song service started and stayed for the preaching. When I asked during the message if everyone knew they had the “Light” (Jesus) in them, she shook her head “no.” At the end, I gave an invitation for salvation and she came forward! I spoke to her another 45 minutes afterwards, and she asked the Lord Jesus to save her! She has had a hard life. She just gave birth to a child and had to give it up to adoption because of her drug addiction. Please pray for her. Then, I went to the Lancaster plaza to witness on a Friday and met a young man named Israel. To make it short, I gave him the gospel on the street corner, and he ended up getting saved! Pastor Hunt is following up on him, so please pray for his Christian growth.

I preached a little message to a line of people outside a DMV store in Ohio, and afterward was walking toward my car when I ran into (divinely) a young man named Ronaldo. He stopped and listened intently and humbly for 40 minutes to the gospel! He said he never heard it before in his life! Please pray for his salvation.

We dropped Leanna off at Fairhaven Baptist College in August, and notice the new picture on our prayer letter—yes, Carolee and I are officially empty nesters and will be going to field for the first time in 38 years of marriage without children. Thank you for all you do for us, we really appreciate it!

Sincerely,  Doug  and Carolee Schwaderer

The Schwaderer News – March 2020

Doug Schwaderer Family
Missionaries to the Canary Islands

March 2020
The Lord has graciously been blessing our church services that we currently hold at our home until we can rent a suitable location. My good friend Leo, whom I have known for ten years, has started to bring his wife and daughter to faithfully attend our church. This was an answer to prayer! Leo and I have studied and evangelized together on many occasions, and he is a great encouragement to us. He has already brought visitors to church. One of them, nineteen-year-old Gilberto, listens intently. Leo was going to bring a Cuban couple this past Sunday, but now with the coronavirus we are under  an official lockdown, with the presidential mandate not to leave our houses except for emergencies, food, and medicine. Please pray for the salvation of Gilberto, and Sonia, a little eleven-year-old girl in the neighborhood who adores Leanna like a sister and spends a lot of time at our house.  She has come to church twice, and I know that God is dealing with her. Pray for her parents, Domingo and Janet, to be saved as well.
Gustavo, Cidini, and Oscar have all been saved recently in the prison. Juan, who is in the prison, (and our church member), is still on fire for the Lord. He is always asking for tracts and new testaments to hand out to as many as he can. He is really growing strong in the Lord, and still says he doesn’t want to leave, because he loves witnessing to everyone!
Frankel obtained a job. He had been praying and looking for work for over six months; and is very happy that God has supplied his need. We used to pick him up every Sunday to come to church but now he has bought a car and has obtained all of his legal documents to stay here in Tenerife, as he immigrated from Venezuela. He and his wife Maria have been faithful to evangelize with us on Saturdays and are hungry for the word. Frankel helps with leading the music and will be filling in when we go to the states this summer for a few months for Rebekah’s college graduation, wedding, and Leanna’s high school graduation—that is, if we can actually leave the island. Much of this is still up in the air depending on the travel restrictions and limited number of flights actually leaving the island. Our tickets are for April 29th. Please pray about this for us, and that God will use this time of uncertainty to open up peoples’ hearts to receive the gospel.
May the Lord richly bless all of you,
The Schwaderer family
We also received a Bible study lesson, completed by an inmate who was on suicide watch and not allowed to have a writing utensil. He tore letters from various papers/magazines/books to complete the answers.  What creativity in completing the study with materials he had on hand.

Schwaderer News – January 2020

Happy New Year to all,
“Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life” (Gen. 45:5).
Juan Antonio, who was saved about six months ago, and whom I mentioned in the last letter, was sentenced to one year in prison here in Tenerife.  If you remember his girlfriend abandoned him since he got saved, and Juan had a court restraining order last year which meant he could not go near her house or call her. He broke that by sending her a text message asking her to bathe their child, since she was negligent in this. She turned him in to the police and he was notified of a one-year sentence! Spanish courts are often biased against men. The good in all this is that I am able to visit Juan often during my regular twice-weekly visits to the prison, and he now has a prison ministry within the walls.
He has a very good attitude about it, just as Joseph did, and is actually happy! He has been giving his testimony to many inmates and preaching the gospel. Because of his contacts, Cidini, a Canary man was saved last week, and others were witnessed to. Please pray for Romen, who listened intently as we witnessed to him for a half an hour. Juan also introduced me to Jehokim, who seems to be very interested. I will be following up on both of these men soon with God’s help. Daniel, an Englishman, was saved a few weeks ago, as well as Ramon and David, who were saved about two months ago.
We are very happy to have our daughter Rebekah and her financé, David Crego, visiting with us for three weeks over the holidays. They have been eager to help evangelize with us while they are here. They both graduate from Fairhaven Baptist Bible College in May, and are getting married at our home church in Holley, NY in June. David is called to preach and to minister to those in the Muslim Religion. He will be preaching this Sunday at our church.
Please pray for these people who have been witnessed to and were receptive: Miguel, Mari, Fefa, Estrella, Juan, Lupe, and Daniel, a  student who called me after receiving a tract from us on a day of preaching at the University of La Laguna here in Tenerife. Continue to pray for Frankel, who immigrated from Venezuela, and recently got his Spanish nationality. He has been a blessing to our church—occasionally preaching, leading and doing special music, and his wife Maria gave a challenging devotion to our young ladies at a recent Christmas gathering. He will be overseeing the church when we travel to the USA for Rebekah and David’s wedding this spring, and needs a good job to support his family.
God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support!
Doug, Carolee, Rebekah, and Leanna Schwaderer