Grace Covenant Minisitries – May 2020

Grace Covenant Ministries/Annville Institute

PO Box 340

Annville, KY  40402

May 14, 2020

Dear Prayer Warrior,

“Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 124:8) is reassuring to us as we navigate through these uncertain times.  The news this past month about Covid – 19 has been discouraging.   For a short time, Jackson County was considered the hot spot for the virus in the state.  The nursing home in Annville had 52 cases of the virus confirmed among staff and residents and 12 of the residents have died from the virus.  According to the Lexington Herald Leader, the unemployment percentage in Kentucky is the highest in the nation.  As the rate of confirmed cases are now starting to drop, we are trying to prepare for the “new normal”.

Our plans for this summer are under revision.  Following state guidelines, we will not be offering our normal camp programs and the swimming pool will remain closed.  We are trying to work out details on how to offer a virtual VBS camp in July.  It does appear that we will be able to reopen our trade stores in June.   We are also looking for other opportunities to be of service as we enter the new normal.  We do have a couple of opportunities for small volunteer groups (6 – 8 members) to help with some on campus improvement projects.  With these projects we will strive to abide by health guidelines and limit the interaction outside of your group.  If you are interested in more information about these projects, please contact Tommy at the office number listed above.

We are also grateful for the financial gifts and the donations of used clothing and household items that are coming in during these uncertain times.  It is our desire to bring back our furloughed staff as soon as possible.  We thank you for your prayer support and partnering with us.  You are helping us to make a difference in our community.

Your partner in missions,

Jake Moss

Director of Development

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries

Reece Field Graduates – May 2020

Can you believe it?

Three more days until Reece graduates!

We hope you can join us on-line watching Reece and his classmates graduate!

There is a team who has been working hard to make this service special for the graduates. Dave will be giving the sermon as well!

Please join us in celebrating this awesome class! 11:00 am (Central time)  this Saturday.!!


Thank you for supporting Reece these past 2 years with your love and prayers!
Dave & Kim Field


The Lenz’ View – May 2020

Psalm 130:5

I wait for the Lord, my soul does wait, and in His word do I hope.

You’re Grounded…

Many people are asking us how the current state of affairs (aka COVID19) are effecting us and our return to Papua New Guinea this summer. We are thankful for your questions and prayers on our behalf.

First,  we are homeschooling our kids now and their school is doing a great job of sending assignments weekly and checking in with them throughout the week. They’ve only got two weeks of school left.

As it relates to our return to Papua New Guinea, we’re taking things one day at a time. As of April  22, 2020, PNG has had 8 confirmed COVID-19 cases in country. Some of these cases are in provinces where NTM has personnel. Centers in these locations are now at an elevated security level. Field & area leadership have put measures in place in these locations to ensure the safety & security of our members. To our knowledge, there have not been any more confirmed cases of COVID in PNG. It is an answer to prayer that the virus has not stricken PNG very hard. Please continue to pray for PNG and other developing countries with very limited medical resources.

Our flights have been canceled; we’ve been grounded. We are thankful that the airline has refunded our non-refundable tickets. Praise God for his provision in this way! We are currently in communication with our field leadership and are waiting for them to give us the go-ahead to return. Please pray for us to get our passports back. We sent the kids’ passports in for renewal before everything turned upside down and we are still waiting for them to come back. We don’t know if they’re currently processing passports at the moment or not.

Pray for closure for our kids. When stay-at-home orders started rolling out, our kids were taken away from their friends without the possibility of closure. We understand that this has happened to all the school kids across the nation; however, most of them will see each other once school starts again. It has been difficult for our children to think of not seeing their friends again at all. With our flights being canceled, we are hopeful that we can have time to orchestrate some kind of gathering for the kids to get together and have closure before we do leave for PNG.

From the Wahgi Church…

We’ve received some great, encouraging news from our co-workers who are currently in PNG. Though they’re not able to be in the village at this time, they are staying in contact with the church on a regular basis. There are two men who have been staying faithful in teaching the church and two ladies who are continuing to work with the youth. If I recall correctly, there are about 8 new believers who are currently going through the discipleship class.

As spring here emerges from the winter here in the US we start hearing talk about “hardening” your garden plants by gradually giving them exposure to the outdoors. This current time in the life of the Wahgi church is a bit of a hardening time where the church is exposed to life without the missionaries and must be reliant on the Lord and each other in order to stand strong. Please be praying for unity in the church and that they would stand strong against the schemes of the devil.

Thank you for your continued prayers for us and for the Wahgi church.
Levi, Robyn, Michael, Daniel, Matthew, and Krystiana Lenz

The Bible League – May 2020

May 2020 eNews

Literacy teachers in Indonesia are seeing the benefits of Bible-based Literacy materials. Grace is a Bible-based Literacy teacher who manages a team of literacy teachers at her large church. For years, she struggled to find a suitable curriculum that was easy for teachers to follow and would keep students engaged.

“Not all of us on the team are teachers by profession. Everyone is just a volunteer,” she says. “To regularly provide materials for eight different classes is a big challenge that we faced until we learned about Bible-based Literacy training [from Bible League International].”

Now, her programs are running much more smoothly for both teachers and students. For some of the teachers, leading the class is helping them master the English language right alongside their students. Grace has already witnessed progress.

“I saw how the students gave up on studying English before,” she says. “But now, their interest and excitement to learn is back. Everyone is so enthusiastic about participating during the class. We started this semester with the Bible-based Literacy program, but we have already seen many improvements from the students.”

Beyond the language skills, students and teachers are actively engaging in the Word of God.

“I read the Bible because I want to know more about Jesus. But in our area, that is not always the case,” Grace says. “Even here in a Christian community, people sometimes take reading for granted. Most of the Christians are content attending the church and listening to the sermon. But I explain to my students that they can’t replace reading the Bible with attending the church every Sunday. I make sure that they read their Bibles every day.”

Latest News

Life Changed in Haiti

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Additional Prayer Requests

Pray for the health of our world. As we continue to navigate this global pandemic, pray that leaders around the world would go to the Lord for wisdom in every step they take. Pray that God would use this pandemic to bring people to Him.

Pray for those affected by the virus. Pray for the sick and the families who have lost loved ones. Pray they would find comfort in God. Pray for people who have been affected by the isolation. Pray for those who have lost jobs, for those who struggle with mental health issues or addiction, and those experiencing domestic violence at home. This pandemic is much bigger than the virus.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.
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Tom and Leslie Johnson – Global Scholars – April/May 2020

News from Tom and Leslie Johnson

April Update – Leslie

First, THANK YOU!! We would not be where we are without your prayers. We are full of gratitude to the Lord and to you!

Financial Update
Donations are down a couple percent this year from last fiscal year, but we do not have the large costs of an international move this year. With your continued generosity, we are optimistic about finishing our fiscal year in the black at the end of June.

Ministry during the stay-at-home orders…
As you have heard from our March adventures, all but one speaking engagement for me and one meeting (on Zoom) for Tom, were cancelled. I spoke to four classes of middle school students (about 100 total) in the Netherlands. After getting to Prague, we were there only 8 days before we had the mad dash to get back to the US so we would not get stuck in Europe. (If you did not have opportunity to read about our crazy race to get home before borders closed, you can read about that adventure here.)

After two weeks of self-isolating in an RV in a campground, we moved home to be with Aimee and her son. Then our son-in-law got an exception and was able to return from a military deployment early. After his two weeks of quarantine, he, too, returned home. Since early April, we have been together in the house, keeping the physical distance from other people while trying to continue our work and ministry. In other words, we do not want to have “social distance” from people but just “physical distance.”

Besides continuing our work from home, our son-in-law and I have done a lot of gardening. The yard, both front and back, had been neglected. The front had not been weeded since last summer. The back yard had turned into a jungle due to about four years of neglect.

Ministry during the stay-at-home orders…
During the time at home, we have still been working. For Tom, his life has not changed much since a lot of his work is from his computer at his desk. Praying, thinking, writing – all have continued without much change. You can see his update below.

My work has changed some. Before the trip to Europe in March, I was working on my speaking preparations; now there is nothing in sight. However, our ACSI Europe staff have been working on a big project. So, I have spent time reading and editing that project, as well as having online meetings with my ACSI Europe colleagues one or two times a week.

After a lot of that work is done, I want to develop lesson plans for teachers to use to help children and students discuss and develop cultural intelligence. My blog on cultural intelligence has been sorely neglected and I would like to pick that up again, too. I need to be reading more, though, and that is proving a bit more challenging these days. In Prague, a lot of my reading was while I was going from one place to another on public transportation. Now, I don’t have that carved out time to read. And as I live with a busy young family, I find myself doing other things than sit and read. 🙂

Thank you for your continued support in prayer and with finances! We cannot do what the Lord has called us to do without your help.

Major Report on Evangelical/Muslim Relations – Tom

During the last year I have invested thousands of pages of reading, some 40,000 miles of travel to meetings, dozens of emails, and many hours of phone and video calls in response to a request I received about a week after last year’s Easter bombings in Sri Lanka. The world’s largest Muslim organization wanted Christians to know that they were appalled by violence committed by Muslims against Christians. Now the World Evangelical Alliance and the Humanitarian Islam movement have announced a long-term joint working group to respond to both religious extremism and secular extremism. I was asked to lead the Christian team in this joint effort. Below is the summary of a press release from the WEA, followed by links to reports in the Muslim and Christian press.

Global Evangelical and Muslim organizations
launch major joint religious freedom project

(Bonn, 21.04.2020) Leaders from the world’s largest independent Muslim organization and the world’s largest Evangelical Christian organization are beginning a joint effort to respond globally to threats to religious freedom coming from religious extremism and secular extremism. They have appointed top-level theologians, human rights theorists, and religious freedom activists from both religions to a Humanitarian Islam/World Evangelical Alliance joint working group to reshape the global discussions and interactions of religions in academia, public life, education, conflict resolution, and humanitarian needs. This comes in direct response to terrible levels of religious persecution and religiously motivated violence seen in the twenty-first century.

This is a press release on a Muslim website.

This is the press release on the WEA website.

Click HERE for the link to get to Tom’s academic website.
Click HERE for the link to get to Leslie’s website and blog.

Thank you so much!

We appreciate you all and are thankful for the Lord’s work through you!

Join us in thanking the Lord for:

  • Overall, continued good health for both of us.
  • Leslie’s opportunity to speak to students in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • Safe return from Europe back in March, as well as no contact with the COVID-19 virus in our travels.
  • Tom’s opportunity to write a report on Jakarta.


Please join us in praying for:

  • Our work from home to be encouraging and helpful from afar.
  • Leslie to make time to read the books which are important for her work.
  • For her work to develop the lesson plans for cultural intelligence that would be helpful examples for teachers.
  • The Lord to bless the ACSI Europe project Leslie is helping with.
  • Continued wisdom for Tom as he (on behalf of the WEA) engages the world’s largest Muslim group about religious freedom. What are the next steps? He is reading constantly about these questions.
  • Wise next steps for WEA-Vatican relations.
  • The project Komensky 2020, celebrating the Christian life and teaching of Jan Amos Komensky (Comenius), has launched in public schools, libraries, and churches across the Czech Republic. This has been challenging to keep going with the closing of schools in the Czech Republic. Pray for wisdom and opportunity for teachers to access and use this project in their classrooms.
  • Creative ideas to help persecuted Christians around the world.

Global Scholars:
PO Box 12147
Overland Park KS 66282-2147

Dave and Kim Field – April 2020

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

We are SO thankful to each of you and your faithfulness to God and this ministry.
This time is so uncertain and we sincerely thank you for continuing to support our family in this time.
We know for many of you it may not be easy and we truly thank you for relying on Christ in this time.

Wisconsin stay-at-home order was extended to May 26. But with it pouring rain every day, it is easy to stay inside. Plus our grass is emerald green! However, it hasnt stopped raining in 3 days straight and our old stone-walled  basement has water leaking in from the walls and floors since we are at the bottom of the hill. We have a squeegee and 2 de-humidifiers running non-stop.


In just a few days, May 16, is graduation for our senior class of EBI. Leadership has decided to have the  graduation ceremony via on-line since it would be too difficult to gather everyone back from around the country/world at a later date for a graduation.

We have been here for 15 graduations, and we never dreamed our son’s graduation would be at home. There have been quite a few disappointments like this, but one by one we take the Lord’s strength and peace for each of them.

The good news is that Dave was voted by the class to be the grad speaker! That is such an honor! Please pray for him as he depends on the Lord and prepares his message, that it would be exactly what the students need to hear during this difficult time for them.

Please also pray for the team who is working on preparing the graduation ceremony right now. They are putting together a thousand little pieces to make the ceremony honoring to the class. I’m not sure how they manage to piece together the worship team, class speakers, awards, message, etc. but there are a bunch of smart people working hard on it right now and we are thankful.

Thank you for partnering with us here at Ethnos Bible School.
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

I don’t know why I only thought of this now, but I’d like to introduce you to the Senior class project! Every Senior class raises funds for a missionary family and the dollar amount raised is announced at graduation.

Here is the missionary family Reece’s class chose!

Jordan and Jessica Martin

This family recently graduated from here and is now raising support to work among Inuit people groups of Northern Canada!

Reeces’ class was able to do a few fundraisers before they all had to go home, so were able to raise $900. If anyone is interested in donating a gift to this family, just let us know and we will give you the online donating directions.

Open Door Mission – Rochester, NY April 2020


 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every
situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6, NIV
(COVID-19 Update – April 24, 2020)
An Update from Anna’s Desk
Your Help is Needed More Than Ever!
Dear Mission Friends,
During these challenging weeks and months of COVID-19, your prayers and support are especially needed. Many organizations including ourselves have had to make adjustments never done before, but our commitment is the same and that’s to care for our homeless neighbors, who are particularly vulnerable to the outbreak and need care now more than ever.
Many of these folks are already suffering from chronic health conditions. Making matters worse, they have difficulty accessing basic sanitation, which puts them at further risk of COVID-19 and other deadly viruses. We’re working hard to provide food items and hygiene supplies – and to educate them about how they can protect themselves and prevent the spread of germs. But we need your help.
The impact of the virus on the economy has caused giving to the Mission to drop dramatically since March. Please send whatever you can today to help make up the shortfall and care for suffering men, women and children who are precious in God’s sight.
Anna Valeria-Iseman
Executive Director                      
Open Door Mission
P.S. Growing our community at this time is crucial to our organization. Please consider forwarding this message to family and friends. We’d really appreciate it!
Family Saved From Homelessness!
Nancy has three children that was staying at Coldwater House. She moved into permanent housing in February. In early March, we realized that her rent exceeded the fair market rent that HUD would allow us to pay for…so we were forced to start looking for another apartment for her.
Trying to find housing in the midst of a pandemic proved to be futile. After exhausting every housing option, we found ourselves with no place to move her to. She had already paid the break lease fee, and was nearing the end of her time in the rental unit. Needless to say, Nancy was very fearful and stressed about her living situation.
Once she ran out of housing options, and realized we wouldn’t be able to move her, the Mission reached out to the landlord and asked if she would be willing to negotiate a new lease; allowing Nancy’s family to get through this pandemic safely in her home.
After a few days of thinking it through, the landlord gracefully offered a new lease through the summer, and lowered the amount of rent by $500 a month. The landlord stated that she just wouldn’t feel right seeing a family homeless again, attempting to find suitable housing, while there is a global pandemic happening.
Nancy and her children were extremely relieved and thankful to say the least, to not be forced to move in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. They are all safe, sound and healthy.
Open Door Mission 20th Annual Golf Classic is now a 2020 season long event.
Register before June 1st and play anytime before Labor Day!
Open Door Mission | 156 N. Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608

Dave and Kim Field’s News – April 2020

How has April been for you?


Dave studies from our home office. He is taking a heavy class online at Trinity this semester, and just finished a very big paper! It is really awesome having him right here at home and I love it!

Reece studies from our living room. He listens to his Bible school classes which are live, on-line. He has a routine down that looks as close as possible to his Bible school morning schedule. 3 more weeks till virtual graduation!

Clark studies 11th grade online classes from his room. Clark has always had virtual online school, so he hasn’t had any school changes. He sure misses his youth group friends and activities, but loves having his brother around!

This month Clark turned 17 and Reece turned 21 !!! We are so thrilled with how they are bringing their thoughts and struggles to the Lord through this Covid time. Like most everyone, they each have lost some irreplaceable things.  Reece has lost a lot of his Senior semester, which he can’t have back. Clark has lost a missions trip, but both of them are walking close to the Lord and trusting Him in the middle of it all.

I have SO enjoyed having us four together, enjoying family meals, family church, Easter, evening fire pit, great conversations, laughter, and knowing this is such a sweet time we get to be together that God carved out for us! I’ve been cherishing each day and soaking it all in! Who knew the 4 of us would get to live together again??

We join you in trusting the Lord in the middle of this time, and look forward to seeing how He will make everything turn out for good and His glory!

We send our love!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

The Bible League – April 2020

Special Edition: In the Midst of Crisis, God is there.

The worldwide impact of COVID-19 presents uncharted territory for all of us. For a global ministry like Bible League, the pandemic touches nearly every aspect of our ministry: partners, donors, staff, and ministry recipients.

Amid this chaos, ministry is still happening. Bibles are still being delivered. Believers are still being trained. The Gospel is still spreading. Our ministry is affected, but it’s not stopping.

Throughout the Bible, we see stories of people surviving tragedy and chaos. We see God working miracles in midst of storms. And in this issue of your eNews, you’ll read the stories of three children who are fully trusting in God, despite their circumstances—and God is showing Himself faithful over and over. These young people can be an inspiration to us in times like these.

As the news changes every day, we encourage you to stay focused on the One who is in control. None of this surprises the Lord, and we as Christians can have peace as we reflect on His promises.

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV


Latest News

Rejected by Everyone but God

April 1, 2020

Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka

Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka. She was raised by her grandparents alongside her two sisters and two younger cousins. While her grandparents did their best to raise five children while working in the tea gardens, Nanthini and the other children were often left alone, feeling neglected. “There were times where we yearned for parental love and protection that no one could provide,” she remembers.

But that wasn’t the end of Nanthini’s struggles. She was unable to walk, stand, or speak on her own for nearly eight years. Her mental development was not on track with others her age. Her reproductive organs were not developing, and doctors said she would never experience puberty. Friends and family ridiculed and rejected her. “I would overhear people say really mean things, like ‘she is a curse to the family, nothing good will come from her’ and ‘she will never be a woman, she will not live long,’” Nanthini remembers sadly.

She was often left home alone when her grandparents and family would go out. She quit school at 15. She was discouraged and sad.

One day, a pastor and Bible League-trained church planter visited Nanthini. He introduced her to the Bible, telling her about the healing power of Jesus. “I said to myself, ‘I’m going to trust Jesus, the miraculous healer,’” she remembers. “I started with the Gospel of Mark, trusting Jesus word by word. I felt hopeful after reading the Bible and placed my whole trust in Jesus.”

The next month, Nanthini went to the hospital for her monthly checkup. Doctors were amazed to find healthy development throughout her body. Everything was improving. Nanthini knew it was because of God. “I was very interested and hungry to learn more of the Word of God,” she says.

She began praying for her father who struggled with alcoholism and showed no signs of repentance. For weeks she prayed, knowing the power of God. Her father became ill and gave up drinking for good.

The more she saw God work, the stronger Nanthini’s faith became. Her father has since come back into her life and her mother has promised to do the same. “I am thrilled and grateful for the ministry of Bible League International,” she says. “I was disabled, rejected, and cursed, but now the love of God has changed my life and blessed my heart. Thank you.”


Crisis Brings Boys to Jesus

April 1, 2020

Abel, 11, and Yoangel, 14, are two of the millions of people affected by the Venezuelan refugee crisis.

Abel, 11, and Yoangel, 14, are two of the millions of people affected by the Venezuelan refugee crisis. Their families, both from Venezuela, were forced to join households and live together because of the economic crisis in their country. But even the new living arrangements didn’t help the families enough, and they decided to emigrate to Colombia.

After weeks of travel, the families finally landed in Bogotá, Colombia. They found a place to stay, but sadly, the long travel had been too hard for Yoangel’s mother. She was suffering with lung issues and the trip made those worse. She passed away in Bogotá. Devastated, the two families decided to move again to escape the sad memories.

Heading south towards Ecuador, they stopped in Santander de Quilichao, a violent city in southern Colombia. But despite the violence, the families felt welcome. A local pastor showed them support and love, so much that they decided to stay. They found a place to live—and they found Jesus!


Yoangel says God’s Word has changed his life and brought comfort to his family. “Becoming part of the church has been very good for my family and me. Before bed, I read my new Bible and take it to every Bible study,” he says. “I know today that Jesus Christ is my Savior!”


Abel has found comfort and peace in Jesus. “I found God’s help through His Word here,” he says. “Jesus gave His life for us, and He gives us love and strength to continue our lives.” Currently, both boys are studying the Word through a Project Philip Bible study in their church.

At such young ages, these boys have suffered more than many adults, but their mature faith has brought them peace and comfort. Please pray for them.

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Additional Prayer Requests

Around the world, we see God using this scary pandemic as an awakening. In Albania, a Muslim-dominated country, Bible studies are starting because people are looking for hope. Pray that God would continue to soften hearts to the Gospel and use this time of uncertainty to bring people to Him.

We’re seeing leaders start new initiatives to continue their ministry. Praise God that He’s provided many non-traditional opportunities for believers to worship, pray, and share the Gospel together. Pray that ministry leaders around the globe would stay encouraged and continue to serve.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.
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