“Honor Entrusted, Honor Earned” Sunday Service 2021 June 13 (9:30 AM in the GYM and 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Honor Entrusted, Honor Earned

Scripture: Exodus 20:12

Theme: The Lord directs us to look up to those He has set over us.

  1. Some roots of _______________________ authority.
    1. Parents didn’t dream this up to be boss over us.
    2. Honoring parents’, rulers’ authority promotes familial, social wellbeing.
  2. Some responsibilities of ______________-_______________ authority.
    1. Honor your father & your mother, that your days…
    2. In adult children, honor means loving reverence & other forms of respect
  3. Some results of honoring ______________-_______________ authority.
    1. Through learning to honor parents’ authority, we learn to respect authority outside our home…
    2. Through honoring parents’ authority, we inherit their culture, learning…

Questions for Application:

  • Even if we have a string of academic degrees as long as our arm, do we ever outgrow Proverbs 3:5-6?
    • Why not?
    • Solomon has other wise counsel to young folks in Ecclesiastes 12.
  • How is an education a stewardship for which we’ll account to God?
    • How does graduation in some ways fulfill Jesus’ principle in Luke 19:15-26?
  • What are some benefits of learning to respect authority in our youth?
    • Why did God choose parents to be the ones to teach us to honor authority?
  • What are some ways we can help fathers to carry out the responsibilities?
  • From a Christian father’s perspective, what might be the best gift his child could give him?