“Stability in Change” Sunday Service 2021 June 6 (9:30 AM in the GYM and 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Stability In Change

Scripture: Joshua 1:1-9

Theme: The Lord assures us of life-stabilizing things that will not change.

  1. Our __________________ will be with us now as He has before
    1. Note the repeated comparison words, v. 3, 5
    2. The Lord confirmed His personal, immediate involvement with Israel
  2. Our __________________ will be the same now as it was before
    1. This was a key reason we sought to be joined to the EFCA
    2. Got promised power to those who hold fast His Word
  3. Our __________________ will be the same now as it was before
    1. We seek to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission to make disciples
    2. Our transition is to a denomination that emphasizes the Great Commission as we do.

Questions for Application:

  • Exodus 33:14-16 gives background to God’s promises in Joshua 1:1-9
  • How did the Lord’s promises in Joshua 1:1-9 display His favor toward Israel?  How does their application show His favor toward SRC?
  • We stand accepted with God by grace, through faith in His Son Jesus Christ.  That said, CHristians and churches can bring on His disfavor, or displeasure.  Of what potential stumbling blocks must we be especially wary?  See: Galatians 5:13-16, Ephesians 4:1-3, 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22.  1 John nicely summarizes three areas in which we must be careful not to slacken; correct doctrine, brotherly love, and godly behavior.
  • Who is the Commander of the Lord’s Army?  See Joshua 5:13-15.  He was promised in Exodus 23:20-25.  Where is He now?  Has He made any promise to us/SRC like He did to Joshua in 1:9?  See Matthew 28:20.
  • How important to the success of our mission is our walk with Christ both as individuals and as a congregation?  See John 15:5.  Name one key part of our walk with Him, if we would see His help.  See James 5:16-18.