Schwaderer News – May 2021

News from the Schwaderers in the Canary Islands

May/June 2021
Greetings in the name of our Lord,
God has blessed us recently in the prison, as three men have repented and put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. On one occasion, a man named Antonio came up and sat down next to me as I was talking to some other men. He told me that he was so depressed that he was going to ask the doctor to take his life! He said he had no hope, no friends, no job skills, no family, and nowhere to stay when he left. Besides that, he suffers with epilepsy. Since my time was almost up, I gave him all the good news I could and left it until next time. The next week, he said he read the tract and had a new outlook on life and felt much better! I don’t think he was saved yet, but the Lord had given him hope. I was able to open the scriptures again and thank the Lord he believed the gospel and trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour! He is not the same person I talked to that first day! We have been studying the Bible and he has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!
Another man recently approached and asked if we could talk. This does not happen very often. It turns out he had tried suicide and had no hope in this life. I told him I had been there and that there was an answer! We sat on the cement steps and after hearing the good news, he asked the Lord to save him. His name is Iban. The third man is Yauci and he trusted the Lord as well. Please pray for these three men and that the prison stays open despite covid outbreaks in the modules.
I continue to visit the various schools and the university on a weekly basis to pass out tracts and talk to the students when given an open door. The smiley tracts are well received by almost everyone.
Our church services are going very well, and we are enjoying being in the hotel conference room.  We enjoy having Leanna with us for the summer, and she is greatly involved in the ministry. What a blessing to have your children serving the Lord! We are printing flyers that she designed with the new address of the church so that we can start passing them out with the other literature we have. She also plays the piano for us which greatly enriches the worship services. Carolee is doing well and is keeping busy with ministry in the church as well as teaching a few English classes and taking care of me!
Thank you for all your prayers and financial support.
Doug, Carolee, and Leanna