“Faith That Works” Sunday Worship Service (9:30 AM in the GYM and 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Faith That Works

Text:  James 2:14-26

Theme: As much as it lies within us, God wants us to follow His standards in dealing with others.

  1. ___________ faith is barren, fruitless, of no benefit to God or man.
    1. James examines a person’s faith claims, v. 14.
    2. Many are content with empty profession, unaware, perhaps of the damage being done.
  2.  ___________ faith works by love for God & for others.
    1. James anticipates an objection, that faith can somehow be separated from results.
    2. James illustrates his point by the life of a Jewish believer, & a Gentile believer with a dark past.


Questions for Further Reflection:

  • What are some things you think, say or do which are clearly motivated by your faith in the Lord—not by habit, tradition, or fear for reputation—but because you trust in Christ?
  • If you honestly can’t think of any, does this give you concern?
  • If you honestly can’t think of any, what might James say to you? What is God’s remedy for man’s unbelief? See Proverbs 3:5-6.
  • What does the phrase “dead orthodoxy” mean? Is it any relation to an “armchair Christian”?
  • What practice does God say counts with Him? See Galatians 5:6.
  • God says we become like what we believe in, what we worship, Psalm 115:4-8. What should that principle look like at work in those who call Jesus their Lord and claim to trust in Him?
  • Who does Jesus say are His Family? See Luke 8:19-21.