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Title: NO Playing Favorites!

Text:  James 2:1-13

Theme: As much as it lies within us, God wants us to follow His standards in dealing with others.

  1. It honors the ___________ of Christ, the Lord of Glory.
    1. Partiality, favoritism undermine Jesus’ authority and reputation.
    2. Treating people fairly credits our Lord’s Name.
  2. It honors _____________ realities God has established.
    1. God, not man, is the measure of things.
    2. Rather than being conformed to this world, God transforms our discernment & treatment of others by renewing our minds in spiritual realities.
  3. It honors the ________________ of God’s Law.
    1. Just as God is One, so His will is one, vv. 8-12.
    2. Disciples can’t cherry pick which Scriptures we’ll follow, or ignore.


Questions for Further Reflection:

  • Name some contemporary examples of partiality, favoritism both as seen in the Church & as seen in our American culture. 
  • James 2:1-13 speaks to racism, classism & a common social & journalistic practice of labeling people so as to generate biased treatment of them. 
  • How does viewing humans as products of evolution promote forms of partiality?  How does viewing humans as God’s image bearers mitigate that? 
  • What do the following Scriptures say regarding partiality?  Deuteronomy 16:18-20; 24:14-15, 17-18; John 7:14-24; Galatians 3:28; Ephesians 2:11-22. 
  • What will we do to ensure we fairly treat others?