News from the Fields – February 18, 2021

We are in the middle of mission’s week!

The students ate together!


In our last newsletter, our prayer request was for the covid-safety team to allow the students to attend an event in one room, and the answer was YES! Thank you Lord!

They were taught about the religion of Buddhism as they sat by mats full of Thai food. They were able to eat together while they heard how to better understand the Buddhist mind and how we can reach them with the gospel.

That was one of the many special events this week that the students are attending. We pray for their hearts to be open to the Lord, asking Him how He would like to use their lives, today, and every day.

This week our son Clark got a welding job!

This is an answer to prayer! He has worked only 3 days and has already met plenty of men who don’t have a relationship with the Lord. This is what we pray for our sons:

  • That they will renew their mind daily in the Word.
  • That they will remember who they belong to.
  • That they will everyday be available for the Lord to use them with the people around them.

We have the best news in the world, plus we have Jesus living inside of us…life is an adventure full of opportunities to let Him shine through us in an infinity amount of ways.

A prayer request for Clark: We will hear soon if he will indeed have a high school graduation ceremony. We are praying he does get one. Reece missed his Bible School graduation like so many others, but it sure would be nice if Clark didn’t need  to.

So thankful to be serving the Lord together with you,
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark

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