“Are We Really From Mars And Venus?” Sunday Worship Service (9:30 AM in the GYM and 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Are We Really from Mars and Venus?

Text: Ephesians 5:15-33

Theme: Healthy marriages love, honor, and obey Christ above all else.

  1. Godly submission is our  ____________ .
    1. General idea of submission: to arrange one’s life under another.
    2. Paul calls for submission to one another out of reverence for Christ
  2. A wife’s submission in Christ to her  ____________ .
    1. Paul illustrates this submission’s pattern and measure, vv. 22-24
    2. v. 33 sums up marital responsibilities.
  3. A husband submits to Christ to love his wife as ____________ loves His.
    1. Christ directs husbands to love with His agape love.
    2. Paul applies his comparison of Christian marriage to Christ’s marriage.


Questions for Further Reflection:

  • What excuses have some husbands given for not loving their wives in the self-sacrificial way Christ loved His Church, per vv. 25-33?  What did they gain by this?  What did they lose by this?
  • What excuses have some wives given for not submitting to their husbands as to the Lord?  vv. 22-24, 33.  What did they gain by this?  What did they lose?
  • What is to be the ultimate motivation for relating to our spouse in the way God prescribes here?
  • How do healthy marriages, a la Ephesians 5, stabilize a community, culture?
  • What does co-habitation lack that marriage has?