From the Fields – February 2021

What has happened this week?

A brand new semester has started!


This week has been a blur, but let me highlight a few things that happened:

1. We had a grand semester opening with all of the students and staff in one room, singing to our heart’s delight! It was a fantastic way to begin the new semester!

2. Covid restrictions are lightening up! We have been able to have a group of students over for game night, and also a football game this week! Sweet fellowship is beginning to return!!

3. Dave is teaching a class on the main story of scripture and what it means for us. Students are popping with questions and extra interest, so we may need to have an open house for those who don’t get enough in class.

4. Dave is also taking another class at seminary for his New Testament degree. Every semester he takes one class, and every semester we ask God to provide the payment for the class. This semester God provided one day before his class started! God likes it when we trust Him happily! We send a huge thank you shout-out to our friends at Grace Bible Church in Portage for allowing Dave this amazing privilege of studying God’s Word so he can keep teaching faithfully!!

5. Clark is finishing up 12th grade and taking a welding course at  community college. We love watching him be a shining light for the Lord among his classmates and teachers!!! Please pray for him as he is now at a point that he can start applying for welding jobs. His plan is to come to Bible school in 1 year. God has wonderful plans for Clark and we trust Him to put everything together for him!

If you are looking for a way to help us financially, Clark has some dental needs. His jaw is not aligned so he can’t chew on one side. He needs 4 molars pulled and braces to align everything up. We don’t have dental insurance, so if you are looking for a way to help, we would appreciate any help.

Okay, this is getting too long! Next newsletter I’ll fill you in on how missions week turned out here in Feb. On my to-do list for that event is getting permission from the covid-safe team for students to eat a Thai meal together on mats on the floor. We shall see…

Your financial partnership and your prayers and your friendship are all gifts from the Lord, and keep us here in ministry.

Thank you ever so very much!!!

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field