“Altitude Attitude” Sunday Worship Service (9:30 AM in the GYM and 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Altitude Attitude

Text: Romans 12:14-16

Theme: Relate to others as Jesus did.

  1. Bless those who ____________ you.
    1. Jesus, the Apostles, warn us to expect persecution as Christians.
    2. The Lord instructs us how to receive that power to bless.
  2. Sympathize with brethren in their _________________.
    1. vv. 15
    2. Sympathy promotes one-ness of heart & mind.
  3. Be of the same ____________ one toward another
    1. V. 16.  Like Jesus, we’re to show mutual regard & respect to all.
    2. In God’s Kingdom, we must speak essential beliefs in a unison voice.


Questions for Further Reflection:

  • Have you ever been persecuted for your faith in Christ?  How?  What feelings did it stir up in you?  How did you respond?  What instruction does Jesus give to help us appropriate the power to bless our persecutors?  See: Matthew 5:10-12, 44; James 5:7-8; I Peter 3:13-17; 4:1, 12-14.
  • Give examples of times believers join in another’s/others’ joy or sorrow?  What are the effects of doing this on their relationship?
  • What is the difference between living in harmony with other believers and living in unity with them, v. 16?  In music, harmony is the blend of different voices, unison is the different voices on the same pitch.  What quality of heart is called for in v. 16’s supporting phrases:  Do not be haughty…wise in your own sight.
  • How does the Lord’s Supper emphasize harmonious relationships within God’s Family?