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Title: This is My God

Text: Exodus 15: 1-21

Theme: The Lord is our mighty warrior.

  1. The Lord __________ Himself to His people in His judgements on Egypt’s gods.
    1. Pharoah and his administration sought to destroy the children of Abraham
    2. The Lord was Israel’s warrior in three main ways
  2. The Lord’s People ___________  in faith-fed praise.
    1. Their song’s components are a study in God-pleasing worship
    2. The Lord’s goal in delivering Israel through the judgements was: you shall know that I am the Lord your God.

Questions for Further Reflection:

  • How is the Lord our Strength, Song & become our Salvation?  In what ways do we testify of Him as Israel did?
  • What do the 10 Plagues, the Passover event, the Exodus event tell us about the importance to the Lord that people know Him or at least know of Him?  See:  Exodus 6:2-8; 7:4-5.  Note His success in revealing Himself to Israel, 14:30-31. Note how the Lord directly addressed Pharaoh’s challenge to Him:  compare 5:1-3 with 10:1-2.  Do you think Pharaoh ever forgot Israel’s God?
  • The Lord’s revelation of His glorious Person, attributes & works didn’t go unnoticed in other heathen territories.  Note Rahab’s admission to the spies Joshua sent to spy out Jericho:  Joshua 2:8-11.
  • And you shall know that I am the Lord recurs multiple times in the OT.  God brought Israel out of Egypt that they may know Him.  He promised and performed a second “exodus” when He brought His people back from captivity in Babylon for the same purpose:  Ezekiel 20:40-44.
  • In what way was Calvary a “third exodus” & judgment on this world’s gods?  See:  John 12:31; Colossians 2:13-15.  What part do we play in the “that they may know the Lord” mission?
  • What does this longing in the Lord’s heart tell us about the importance of evangelism & the testimony of His saving grace in Christ?