News From the Fields – December 2020

What a strange year!

Finding the blessings in 2020.

The Lord kept all these students safe all semester! They got to study the Word every day and grow and stretch through all the good and tough parts of this semester!

God has also stretched each one in our family as we navigated the disappointments that came with all the Covid restrictions. We found a new normal as we trusted Him to grow us and take care of all our needs.

The Lord has been so faithful in all of the lows and highs of this year! When we ask Him to show us the blessings in this day, He opens our eyes to how incredibly many incredible gifts He has placed all around us! He’s given us salvation and a new home with Him waiting for us…we have everything to be thankful for.

God has been so good to our family and our hearts are full this Christmas season!

  • He’s given us health and sweet family time.
  • He allowed students to be here for the entire semester!
  • He has grown and stretched us as we trust Him with every part of our lives.

We thank you from our hearts for supporting our family during this crazy year! We send you our love and warm Christmas greetings!!!

Merry Christmas!
Dave, Kim, Reece and Clark Field