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Title: The Fork in the Road Before Us

Text: Romans 16:17-27

Theme: Avoid false teachers

  1. False teachers’ unholy  ___________  & ____________
    1. They contradict what the Apostles taught.
    2. False teaching attacks the unity created in those who agree with & hold to the one true Faith’s tenets & principles.
  2. False teachers’ unholy  ___________  & ____________
    1. v. 18
    2. Method: the key here: they deceive, they seem something other than what they truly are.

Questions for Further Study:

False teachers usually follow a pattern Satan originated in tempting Adam & Eve to forsake the Lord & His way.  Read Genesis 3:1-7.  Can you see the following in those verses?  The false teacher comes as a friendly guide to show a “better way”; he/she questions God’s clear statement (Did God really say…) & seeks to create doubt; he denies God’s plain statement is true; denies His warnings come from His love; he implies God is holding back something that following the false teacher’s teaching will give.  He uses half-truths, e.g., knowing good & evil.

How have false teachers pressed the did God really say challenge when it comes to God’s creation of humans:  humans as bearing God’s image & likeness; humans as created male or female; marriage as between a man & a woman; God as man’s Provider, Lord, Judge & Law Giver…

How do false teaching & teachers create division, dissension among Christians?  What does God say faithful leaders are to do about it?

See:  Acts 20:28ff; Romans 16:17b; I Thessalonians 5:20-22; Titus 3:10-11.

Jesus said His words are spirit & life (John 6:63), life giving to those who receive them.  What is the fruit or effect of false teaching?  Can we tell if a teaching is false by its fruits?