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Title: Hindrances in Dealing with Hard Providences

Text: Luke 22: 24-34, 54-62

Theme: God preserves hurting believers who humble themselves under His mighty hand.

  1. Jesus ___________  Peter about the trial to befall him.
    1. He prophesies to Peter of the supernatural realities awaiting him.
    2. Jesus reveals a transaction between Him and the Father regarding Peter
  2. Peter ____________ proclaims he’s up to the test.
    1. Incredibly, Peter disallows Jesus’ claims, v. 33
    2. Sadly, we may also disallow God’s claims, feeling we’re wiser than He.
  3. God’s ____________ to cope is reserved for His humbled ones.
    1. Jesus directed Peter to his responsibility once he repented.
    2. Peter, chastened, gives instruction out of his experience, I Peter 5:5-7

Questions for Further Study:

From where do hard providences ultimately come? “Providences” is a clue.

What ways of handling setbacks, unforeseen losses, etc, only complicate them and make them harder to deal with?

How does Peter’s handling of Jesus’ prophecy (Luke 22:31-34) negatively illustrate Proverbs 3:5-6?

Often in challenging time God’s Word counsels us to wait on the Lord (e.g. Psalm 27, 37, 62; Isaiah 8, 30, 40; Lamentations 3; etc).  Why is that so hard to do?  What does it say about us and about where we really place our faith, when we don’t wait upon the Lord?

What is God’s general purpose in hard providences? See Hebrews 12: 7-11.