The Schwaderer’s – September 2020

Doug Schwaderer Family

Missionaries to the Canary Islands / WhatsApp +34 628 570 312

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

The church is doing well in the Canary Islands as everyone is being faithful to the online services via WhatsApp. I continue to preach from here in the states but right now more are attending by video call rather than in person. Some of this is from fear of the virus, as well as for other reasons, but please pray that they would decide to be physically present in church. Juan has been coming and is growing in the Lord, for which we are grateful. I believe his sister Loli was listening with him online this past Sunday and heard some of the  preaching. Pray for her salvation, as well as all of Juan’s brothers and sisters.  Leo and Frank continue to take turns teaching the adult Sunday School and are doing a good job.

I have been visiting some of our supporting churches and will continue to do so while we are here. Since our return plane tickets were cancelled due to the virus, we have been seeking the Lord as to when he would have us return; and as of now we will be staying probably another two or three months in the States. I will be mainly in the states of OH, PA, NY, and surrounding areas; however if you would like me to come and give an update and/ or minister I would be glad to do so, as the Lord allows.

God has opened some doors of opportunity since I have been back. One was in a Walmart in Englewood, Ohio, where I was talking with a store attendant named “V!” I had asked God to direct me to someone to talk to about the Lord while in the store, and he did!  I gave him a tract and asked him if he knew where he was going when he died. He said he didn’t know, and I was able to give him the gospel. When I was finished, I asked him if he wanted to be saved, and he said YES! He prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ to save him right there in the store!

While babysitting for five of our grandchildren in Manheim, PA, God allowed me to fill  in preaching for my son in law Michael Hunt who pastors Heritage Baptist Church. A lady named Tiffany came in after the song service started and stayed for the preaching. When I asked during the message if everyone knew they had the “Light” (Jesus) in them, she shook her head “no.” At the end, I gave an invitation for salvation and she came forward! I spoke to her another 45 minutes afterwards, and she asked the Lord Jesus to save her! She has had a hard life. She just gave birth to a child and had to give it up to adoption because of her drug addiction. Please pray for her. Then, I went to the Lancaster plaza to witness on a Friday and met a young man named Israel. To make it short, I gave him the gospel on the street corner, and he ended up getting saved! Pastor Hunt is following up on him, so please pray for his Christian growth.

I preached a little message to a line of people outside a DMV store in Ohio, and afterward was walking toward my car when I ran into (divinely) a young man named Ronaldo. He stopped and listened intently and humbly for 40 minutes to the gospel! He said he never heard it before in his life! Please pray for his salvation.

We dropped Leanna off at Fairhaven Baptist College in August, and notice the new picture on our prayer letter—yes, Carolee and I are officially empty nesters and will be going to field for the first time in 38 years of marriage without children. Thank you for all you do for us, we really appreciate it!

Sincerely,  Doug  and Carolee Schwaderer