“Life Orienteering – Learning and Teaching” Sunday Service (9:30 AM in the A/C Gym and after 9:45 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Life Orienteering – Learning and Teaching

Text: Psalm 78:1-8

Theme: Tell coming generations His Word, His Story.

  1. God’s Truth is  ______________ truth.
    1. A false view of truth underlies much of today’s upheavals
    2. God helps those who’ll hear Him by revealing true Truth, real reality.
  2. God’s Truth is  ______________ truth.
    1. He’s so blessed us with a sacred Truth heirloom to hand down, vv. 3-5
    2. He strongly charges us to relay & bequeath what we’ve received of Him.
  3. God’s Truth is  ______________ truth.
    1. Only He can break the sin chains that brought earlier generations’ ruin.
    2. With the Gospel we can help change that destructive trajectory.


Questions for Study

What are the Great Commission’s three action components?  How do the latter two relate to the first one?  What does Jesus promise in the Great Commission?  See Matthew 28:18-20.

How do our teaching & fellowship ministries (Sunday School, KIDS Church, Refuge, Marion Youth Center, Bible studies) help fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission?

What reasons does Psalmist Asaph give for telling the coming generations of the Lord and His mighty works?  See Ps. 78:1-8.  What purpose do verses 9-66 serve regarding vv. 3-8?

Name two major hurdles our Church faces in educating children (& adults) in the Lord’s ways.  How do we overcome the hurdles?

How is educating in the Lord’s Word & way a giving of the gift of light?