News from the Fields – Ethnos 360 – September 2020

Today students are arriving!

175 in our student body!

Over the last week, a group of our student leaders have spent time learning what God’s Word says about imitating Christ in being humble servant-leaders and preparing for the rest of our student body to arrive this weekend.

This year  is unique for each of us.
Dave: He will be teaching a class of students who have masks on! He will need to learn to read their understanding in a new way! The classes are also divided in half, so he will teach one class and then go to the next group and teach the same material.
Kim: I am joining the mobilization department! I am excited to be a part of the team as they try new ideas of online efforts to invite prospective students to come visit. I am really looking forward to learning so much this year!
Reece: We are thankful we get to have him back at home for this year. He will be working full-time and waiting to see what the Lord has for him next.
Clark: He is a senior in high school! He is enrolled in community college and taking welding classes to get his certificate by the end of the year!

Students: There are quite a few covid-changes: like only 2 people per table in the cafeteria, only 2 people per dorm room, and classes divided for smaller sizes. However, all the amazing classes remain the same! In 2 years they will have been taught the Bible from front to back with an emphasis on God’s heart for our walk with Him and for those who don’t know Him.

Another thing that has not changed is how we staff get to have students in our home and there is no distancing or masks required!
We are super excited for this Sunday when we get to start off the semester!! Dave is one of the main speakers for the kick off, so please pray for him Sunday evening as everyone will be sitting in the grass on the school lawn for social distancing. Please pray that the squirrels and birds and mosquitoes would all disappear for a couple hours.

Thank you for supporting us with your love and partnership as we begin our 12th year here at Bible School!
Dave, Kim, Reece and Clark Field