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Title: Working and Walking With God

Text: Genesis 2:1-9

Theme: God calls us to serve Him & others through our work.

  1. God ______________ the Garden.
    1. Look at the Lord’s generous kindness to our first parents, vv. 8-9.
    2. A word of appreciation.
  2. God ____________ the man.
    1. God’s intentionality is seen in Adam’s specific placement, v. 8, 15.
    2. God exercises perfect wisdom in Adam’s placement, & in ours.
  3. God ____________ the work.
    1. In His plan, God gives us work as a trust, a stewardship to fulfill.
    2. Human work is part of our covenantal relationship with God, 1:28.


Questions for Study

Name some ways our work (for pay & otherwise) is a blessing from God.

Have you ever heard someone say that work is the result of man’s fall into sin?  What would you tell them?  Hint:  Genesis 1 & 2 both talk about man’s work.  The Fall doesn’t happen till chapter 3.

How did Adam’s sin & fall affect work?  See Genesis 3:17-19; 5:28-29.

How does knowing Christ affect our work? How should it affect our week?

Ephesians 6:5-9; Colossians 3:22-4:1

How are God’s actions in Genesis 2:7-8, 15 replicated in Christians’ lives?

What in vv. 8, 15 suggest that God made man His partner in the work?

Are you God’s partner in the work you do and all other tasks?  How so?

How can the Lord use our work to sanctify us/make us more like Christ?