“Sharing the Life of God” Sunday Service (9:30 AM in the A/C Gym and 9:50 AM Live Stream)

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Title: Sharing the Life of God

Text: I John 1: 1-10

Theme: God offers eternal life, the life of God, in His son, Jesus Christ.

  1. __________________
    1. John related Jesus’ glory:  He is Eternal Life in Person, vv. 1-2
    2. Our saving fellowship with God hinges on our Lord’s glory—in His being Eternal God & historic Man in on Person, the Life of God come in the flesh.
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    1. God reveals Eternal Life thru eyewitness testimony concerning His Son
    2. God also reveals Eternal Life by those He commissions.
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    1. In making Christ known, God seeks to bring sinners into saving fellowship, v. 3.
    2. God’s ultimate goal in making Christ known is JOY, v. 4.
    3. Joy for all eternity.


Questions for Study

According to Scripture, what is eternal life?  Is it a quantity or a quality or…

What is the connection between Jesus Christ & the life…made manifest, I John 1:2.

When do believers first come into possession of eternal life?  See John 5:24.  

How is the eternal life Jesus gives believers not only a possession, but also power?  How, for example, do the Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22-23, and the gifts of the Spirit, I Corinthians 12, relate to eternal life?