Grace Covenant Ministries – August 2020



Grace Covenent Ministries/Annville Institute

PO Box 340

Annville, KY  40402

Phone:  606-364-5151

Dear Prayer Warrior,

Things seem to be changing all the time, yet things seem to stay the same.  The everchanging news/guidelines seem to have the same theme of uncertainty.  We read in Psalm 43 of living in discouraging times and having hope at the same time.  It is reassuring to have our foundation built upon the Rock during these times of storm (Luke 6:48)

At the present time Annville Christian Academy is scheduled to open on our campus in a classroom setting on August 18 while the public school will probably start with online classes a week later.   This could change by the time you read this email and that makes for frustrations in planning youth programs.  We are also excited to explore the possibility of offering a camp highlighting God’s blessing to us through nature.

The trade stores continue to be open two days a week.  Residents are thankful for the opportunity to “shop in a smaller venue” and “appreciate that everyone is wearing a mask”.    The schedule does allow for a deeper cleaning between open days and customers have thanked the staff for their diligence.  We are grateful for the gifts of used clothing and miscellaneous items that continue to arrive at the stores.  Your gifts also have allowed us to help area families as they face unique challenges.

Our Board of Directors met last week.  While present conditions contain many operational trials, they are also thankful to see your ongoing support for our efforts.  They also are thrilled about the gifts towards the Lincoln Hall Restoration Project that are allowing us to proceed with the project. Architect drawings have been approved and the next phase of the project will be put out for bids.  This phase includes handicap accessibility to all floors, along with restrooms for the building.  This phase should also make the first floor useable again.

Your support is helping us to make a difference in our community.  “We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers.”  (1 Thessalonians 1: 2)  If you have any questions or have concerns you want to express, please contact us.  We are also available via video conferencing if you so desire.

Your Partner in Missions,

Jake Moss, Director of Development