SRC “Live Stream” Worship Service (9:25AM, Sunday, May 3)

The May 3rd Sunday sermon entitled “Hard Providences III: The Bread of Life” will be “live streamed” at our normal worship service time of 9:30AM Sunday. However, we encourage you to login at 9:25AM to get settled in and enjoy the piano prelude music. Once again, you are invited to view or listen to our Sunday morning sermon in one of 4 ways.

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Title: The Bread of Life

Text: Matthew 4:1-11

Theme: In plenty or in need God calls us to live by His Word.

I. Scripture is given to ___________ us in hard Providences.

A. It reminds us who we are, which is so important.

B. God’s word pictures teach us how His Word fortifies us when tested.

II. His ____________ Word, His Son Jesus Christ.

A. God’s purpose in the trials Jesus endured in vv. 1-11.

B. In this text, Jesus is Supreme Example for dealing with trials.

III. In His ______________, which His Word governs.

A. His Word brought creation into being & operates it.

B. Because Creation is Word created & operated, pondering its testimony can help us cope with hard Providences.

Questions for Study

How does God’s Word feed believers’ souls?  What do our souls need to eat?

How does God’s Word illuminate our souls, our thinking, our navigating?

How does God use His Word to heal/restore our souls, our lives?

How does God’s Word heeded bring positive order & structure to our lives, our schedules, our relationships?  (Alternately put, how does Scripture right our lives, tear down what’s crooked & rebuild righteous pattern). E.g., a person testifies, I used to be a…, but God delivered me from that to be a …

What effect does rightly ordering our lives have?  See: Isaiah 32:17-18