Palm Sunday “Live Stream” with Prelude (9:25AM, Sunday, April 5)

The Palm Sunday April 5th sermon will be “live streamed” at our normal worship service time of 9:30AM Sunday. However, we encourage you to login at 9:25AM to get settled in and enjoy the piano prelude music we are adding this week. Due to coronavirus restrictions are regular Palm Sunday worship service in the church has been cancelled, as well as Maundy Thursday Supper, Good Friday Gatherings, Sunrise Service in the Park, and Easter Service in the church. Once again, you are invited to view or listen to our Sunday morning sermon in one of 4 ways. 

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Sermon Title: The Shout of Victory

Text: John 19:23-30

Theme: Jesus pronounced His people’s redemption accomplished.

I. He speaks as God’s Chief ____________ & __________________.

A. His Word, It is finished speaks on God’s behalf.

B. It is finished declares all that was written was as good as accomplished.

II. He speaks as our God-appointed ___________ __________ _________.

A. It is finished testifies He accomplished His incarnation’s goal.

B. God confirmed it by signs on Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost & our 2nd birthday.

III. He speaks as all-conquering _____________ _____ _______________.

A. Our Lord & Law-Giver’s declaration means He fulfilled all righteousness.

B. Our King has crushed the Serpent’s head, broken Satan’s power.

Questions for Study

How might those hearing Jesus’ declaration It is finished have interpreted what He was saying?  Might some such as His enemies have ironically heard it as lamenting a failed mission or frustrated life plan?

At the time, did His friends understand what He meant?  See:  Luke 24:21; John 2:18-22; 12:16.

What is His 6th Word’s effect on God’s many promises to forgive believers’ sins, properly bury our regrets over our sinful pasts?   How can we use His Word It is finished when we or one we’re encouraging is plagued with false guilt or regret over their past?  How does His Word tie in with Micah 7:18-20?

Succeeding generations can be quite adept at destroying the noble work of previous generations, witness generations-long attempts to overthrow our constitutional republic & discredit historic figure long revered for their work.  Can Jesus’ work on the Cross ever be undone?  See Hebrews 7:27; 9:12, 26; 10:10, 12.

How does John 17:1ff reflect on Jesus’ 6th Word?

How is Jesus’ finished work of redemption reflected in the change of Memorial Meal/Sacrament, from Passover to the Lord’s Supper?