SRC “Live Streaming” Sermon (9:30AM, SUNDAY, March 29)

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Title: The Call of Distress

Theme: Our Savior Testified “I thirst.”

Main Text: John 19:23-29

I.  I thirst testifies His _______________.

A. In two ways: it looks back, & it reflects His return.

B. I thirst—He’s speaking again, He’s back from the depths.

II.  I thirst testifies His ________________.

A. Jesus spoke these words in order to fulfill Scripture.

B. I thirst testifies His submission in another way too.

III.  I thirst testifies His ________________.

A. By this word our Lord begins gathering up strength to make His victory declaration.

B. I thirst testifies Jesus’ success in accomplishing salvation.

Questions for Study:

For what condition/situation does Scripture use the terms thirst, hunger?

What happens if/when we try to address our physical thirst with remedies not created/designed to address it?  E.g., drink sea water when thirsty?

How does this aptly illustrate self-salvation attempts/secular counseling and the spiritual state of the person thereafter?  What kind of thirsts do those in Hell endure?  See Luke 16:16-31.

How is our Lord’s enduring of terrible thirst on the Cross redemptive for those who belong to Him?  How can spiritual thirst be a good thing?  See Psalms 42, 43, 63.

How does God make people thirsty through evangelism?  How can we be instrumental in doing this?  See: John 4:7-42; Acts 2:14-36, etc.