The Schwaderer News – March 2020

Doug Schwaderer Family
Missionaries to the Canary Islands

March 2020
The Lord has graciously been blessing our church services that we currently hold at our home until we can rent a suitable location. My good friend Leo, whom I have known for ten years, has started to bring his wife and daughter to faithfully attend our church. This was an answer to prayer! Leo and I have studied and evangelized together on many occasions, and he is a great encouragement to us. He has already brought visitors to church. One of them, nineteen-year-old Gilberto, listens intently. Leo was going to bring a Cuban couple this past Sunday, but now with the coronavirus we are under  an official lockdown, with the presidential mandate not to leave our houses except for emergencies, food, and medicine. Please pray for the salvation of Gilberto, and Sonia, a little eleven-year-old girl in the neighborhood who adores Leanna like a sister and spends a lot of time at our house.  She has come to church twice, and I know that God is dealing with her. Pray for her parents, Domingo and Janet, to be saved as well.
Gustavo, Cidini, and Oscar have all been saved recently in the prison. Juan, who is in the prison, (and our church member), is still on fire for the Lord. He is always asking for tracts and new testaments to hand out to as many as he can. He is really growing strong in the Lord, and still says he doesn’t want to leave, because he loves witnessing to everyone!
Frankel obtained a job. He had been praying and looking for work for over six months; and is very happy that God has supplied his need. We used to pick him up every Sunday to come to church but now he has bought a car and has obtained all of his legal documents to stay here in Tenerife, as he immigrated from Venezuela. He and his wife Maria have been faithful to evangelize with us on Saturdays and are hungry for the word. Frankel helps with leading the music and will be filling in when we go to the states this summer for a few months for Rebekah’s college graduation, wedding, and Leanna’s high school graduation—that is, if we can actually leave the island. Much of this is still up in the air depending on the travel restrictions and limited number of flights actually leaving the island. Our tickets are for April 29th. Please pray about this for us, and that God will use this time of uncertainty to open up peoples’ hearts to receive the gospel.
May the Lord richly bless all of you,
The Schwaderer family
We also received a Bible study lesson, completed by an inmate who was on suicide watch and not allowed to have a writing utensil. He tore letters from various papers/magazines/books to complete the answers.  What creativity in completing the study with materials he had on hand.