News from the Fields-February 2020

In honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow

Here are a few of our favorite things

This is right out of Dave’s notes that he will be teaching in class today. These truths about us are our top favorite things that we are so thankful for!

Justification: Christ’s “right-ness” applied to me.
Reconciliation: Brought back to original love.
Propitiation: Satisfaction with the performance of His Son.
Regeneration: New Creation – God is not working from the old.

My #1 favorite is my man! First of all, he is the best husband in the world and a very active and present dad in the lives of our 2 young men. He’s been juggling teaching the students 2 hours everyday, plus being a student at seminary and keeping up with his homework there! He still enjoys having students in for great conversations and fun events. Plus he is finding time to paint the place we will be moving into next month. Plus Plus…I have everything to be thankful for in this man of mine!

Here are a couple of my favorite things 😀
Reece is eating up being a student here at Bible School. He is growing like crazy and rooting His trust deep in the Lord. He loves taking guys out for coffee and using his gifts of listening and counseling.

Clark Is also turning into a man who knows who his guide and best friend is. He recently shared his testimony in front of his youth group of 150 high schoolers and was thrilled watching the Lord walk him through that important step of faith.

The students are also on our favorites list! Like the student I will be having coffee with this afternoon, or the student Dave is meeting with this afternoon. Also like the group who is coming over for game night tonight or the group we are going bowling with this weekend. We are among 200 of our favorite things and we are truly blessed.

And YOU!!!

Your prayers, your support, your encouragement… All mean the world to us! It takes a team for us to be here, and you are our dream team! Thank you, thank you, for your part in allowing us to serve here in the lives of these Bible School students!!

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field