Grace Covenant Ministries – Jake Moss – Jan/Feb 2020

Dear Prayer Warrior,

With the new year upon us we look ahead and anticipate challenges that are appearing on the horizon.  Society seems to be constantly changing.  The task of how to present the unchanging story of God’s love to His creation continues to be our mission.

Here are some of the challenges.  We ask for your prayers as we seek to remain in the center of the work that God is blessing.

  1. Because of a variety of competing programs in youth basketball, we are looking for different options on how to engage with young students.
  2. In February, Lincoln Oaks, the faith-based addiction recovery program operating on our campus will be changing from a men’s treatment program to a women’s program.
  3. Hacker Gym, which was built in 1930, is a place of constant activities.  Over the past 15 years, the gym has undergone a series of improvements.  This year we hope to finish the community fitness center phase of the project.  We are now seeking the finances to install gutters to the facility and to replace one of the old heating systems.
  4. The summer camp season has been one of the highlights of our endeavors each year.  The plans for this year are now being finalized.
  5. Funding is always a challenge.  Getting funds for special projects and our operational needs continues to be an ongoing task.  We face the future with confidence because we have seen how God has blessed us through your prayers and financial gifts. It is our desire to be faithful stewards of His blessings.
  6. Our Board of Directors will be meeting on February 15.  They will be prioritizing projects and approving plans for this year.  We are reminded of the fact that we can make plans but if God is not in them all our planning is useless.

Thank you for partnering with us!

Your partner in missions,

Jake Moss

Director of Development

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries