Schwaderer News – January 2020

Happy New Year to all,
“Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life” (Gen. 45:5).
Juan Antonio, who was saved about six months ago, and whom I mentioned in the last letter, was sentenced to one year in prison here in Tenerife.  If you remember his girlfriend abandoned him since he got saved, and Juan had a court restraining order last year which meant he could not go near her house or call her. He broke that by sending her a text message asking her to bathe their child, since she was negligent in this. She turned him in to the police and he was notified of a one-year sentence! Spanish courts are often biased against men. The good in all this is that I am able to visit Juan often during my regular twice-weekly visits to the prison, and he now has a prison ministry within the walls.
He has a very good attitude about it, just as Joseph did, and is actually happy! He has been giving his testimony to many inmates and preaching the gospel. Because of his contacts, Cidini, a Canary man was saved last week, and others were witnessed to. Please pray for Romen, who listened intently as we witnessed to him for a half an hour. Juan also introduced me to Jehokim, who seems to be very interested. I will be following up on both of these men soon with God’s help. Daniel, an Englishman, was saved a few weeks ago, as well as Ramon and David, who were saved about two months ago.
We are very happy to have our daughter Rebekah and her financé, David Crego, visiting with us for three weeks over the holidays. They have been eager to help evangelize with us while they are here. They both graduate from Fairhaven Baptist Bible College in May, and are getting married at our home church in Holley, NY in June. David is called to preach and to minister to those in the Muslim Religion. He will be preaching this Sunday at our church.
Please pray for these people who have been witnessed to and were receptive: Miguel, Mari, Fefa, Estrella, Juan, Lupe, and Daniel, a  student who called me after receiving a tract from us on a day of preaching at the University of La Laguna here in Tenerife. Continue to pray for Frankel, who immigrated from Venezuela, and recently got his Spanish nationality. He has been a blessing to our church—occasionally preaching, leading and doing special music, and his wife Maria gave a challenging devotion to our young ladies at a recent Christmas gathering. He will be overseeing the church when we travel to the USA for Rebekah and David’s wedding this spring, and needs a good job to support his family.
God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and support!
Doug, Carolee, Rebekah, and Leanna Schwaderer