The Lenzes View – November 2019

New Tools…

Last week, Robyn and I were able to go to our mission headquarters in Sanford, Florida to take some training in the area of coaching. Though we didn’t know what to expect in this training, we are hopeful that the skills we learned will be helpful in the church planting as well as in our parenting. As we move from being directive, in both church planting and parenting, to being disciplers, the skills of coaching will be helpful to draw on the power of the Holy Spirit within the disciple to direct them in life decisions.

Update On The Kids…

First quarter is over. We received the report cards for the first quarter and are glad to say that all three boys are doing exceptionally well in school. Also, through some generous gifts, Krystiana is now beginning to go to Begindergarden (preschool) three times a week at the same school that the boys attend.Thank you for your prayers for the kids as they transitioned into school for the first time. Though the boys were struggling with the idea of transitioning into school, some of them are already struggling with the idea of leaving the friends they have made and returning to PNG. This is the life of the Third Culture Kid; always transitioning, always grieving the loss of something. Please pray for the kids now that they will enjoy the opportunities God gives them here and now and that they will be able to grieve and transition well when we return to PNG.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

Levi and Robyn Lenz
Michael, Daniel, Matthew, and Krystiana Lenz

Reaching North Wahgi one soul at a time.