The Lenzes View – September 2019

For Such A Time As This

We want to thank you for praying for the boys as they transition into school. This year Daniel’s class motto is, “For such a time as this.” How fitting. We decided to come home this year in order to help minimize Michael’s transitions between schools, etc. However, God is showing us that he had different plans for why he has brought us home at this time. Back in Papua New Guinea we had the blessing of being able to have Daniel spend some time with an occupational therapist in order to give us some guidance as to how we can help him with some of his learning difficulties. The therapist gave us some direction and areas to pursue further testing; specifically in relation to vision. Long story short, there are currently very few doctors in the US who can test and diagnose this particular thing and one of them happens to be about 20 minutes from where we are living. She happened to have an cancellation in her schedule where she was able to take Daniel on as a patient. This doctor’s initial consultation showed that Daniel’s needs were outside her area of expertise and she referred him to an ophthalmologist who also specializes in vision therapy.

After seeing three different doctors, it has been determined that Daniel has significant motor and visual processing deficits diagnosed as convergence insufficiency. Through this process we have come to understand that vision is more than how clearly we can see. It is the ability to take what we see and put it to use. (How the eye communicates what it sees to the brain. Daniel has excellent sight, but these vision deficits he deals with affect how things appear on a page, cause him physical pain in reading, and thus affect his learning. The vision therapist who has seen him has prescribed 40 hours of in-office vision therapy to be supplemented by 2-3 days a week of in-home therapy. They believe that this therapy done now, while he is young, will help to correct these issues with the muscles in his eye and will help him to improve in the areas where he struggles academically as a result of these visual problems. While the process of doctors appointments hasn’t been fun for Daniel, he has been greatly encouraged to know that his academic struggles have nothing to do with his intelligence.

Praise God with us for his timing in orchestrating things so that Daniel can get the help he needs. Pray that our insurance will cover the cost of the needed therapy (approximately $4,000). We’ve had some initial conversations with the insurance company and it isn’t looking hopeful for them to cover the expenses, but we trust God has worked everything out so far and will be faithful to do so to the end.

Thank you for praying with us.

Levi and Robyn Lenz

Daniel’s first cross country meet