Fields – July 2019

Opportunity is found in changes…

Our year of transitions!!

Transition #1  Maybe you didn’t know this, but there is a 2nd Ethnos360 Bible School just like ours, but in Michigan. Our mission has decided to close that school, and our school will now take all the students. Since we will have a larger enrollment here now, our family has been asked to move from our apartment to a different home here on campus. They need our current apartment for their expansion plans. They don’t need our place till January, so we have a few months to keep enjoying our home.

Transition #2 This year Clark transitioned from home school, to online high school, which was a very positive transition! It is a perfect fit and Clark blasted the year out of the park with A’s! We have also seen him transition to closer relationships with the students as he keeps getting closer to their age.  He will soon begin his Junior year and starting a job as well! Clark is maturing into a humble, Godly young man!

Transition #3 This year Reece left home to move into the dorm here at Bible School. He has absolutely thrived and enjoyed a wonderful first year in every way! We watch in thankfulness as God stretches and grows him and uses him to bless everyone around him. However, there is the normal transition for each of us as he isn’t a part of our daily life like we are used to.

Transition #4 Reece has a girlfriend!! Her name is Rachel Lane, and we sure have enjoyed getting to know her during her 2 years as a student! She will work in the dining hall as an intern this next year, so we look forward to all the wonderful adventures we will get to enjoy with her this next year. Rachel is pure blessing!!

Dave & I have our 23rd Anniversary tomorrow!!! God has blessed us with so many amazing years of adventures, joys, blessings and transitions! This year our big transitions have been about our sons growing up and living the lives the Lord has prepared them for. It is exciting to see them fly, yet a little sad too as all of you parents with grown kids understand.

Transitions mean adjustments…please pray for each of us as we adjust and watch God so amazingly take care of each of our needs.

Thank you for your prayers for us …. God has great plans for this next year!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field